Selena Gomez Gives Justin Bieber a Birthday Shout-Out

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Though the newly single Justin Theroux broke his Instagram silence to message Selena, Selena's giving a shout-out to a very different Justin.

Justin Bieber, of course. Thursday was his birthday. 

Selena is using her legendary Instagram clout to wish her on-again boyfriend a happy birthday ... somewhat cryptically.

Selena Gomez, Stunning Selfie

Yes, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are really back together, despite the hopes of many fans and, apparently, all of Selena's family that she not repeat past mistakes.

But the world is meant to believe that Justin Bieber has totally transformed. That he no longer suffers from alleged substance abuse and addiction that his own management worried would claim his life.

That he'll no longer partake in the terrible, juvenile, and often illegal behavior for which he was so infamous just a few years ago.

Apparently, Justin Bieber is way more into his religion these days. Which reportedly has led Selena to feel that God has blessed their reunion.

And now, Selena has posted this.

Selena Gomez Birthday Shoutout

That polaroid which is affixed to Selena's beautiful forehead in this photo is a picture of the Biebs.

In case fans somehow missed it, though, Selena Gomez posted this caption.

"March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom."

Justin Bieber was, of course, born on that date.

He is now 24 years old and getting yet another chance at happiness with one of the most talented and exceptional human beings on the planet.

We hope that he counted his blessings.

And we can't imagine what he wished for when he blew out his candles -- what more could he ask for?

Selena Gomez, Blonde in a Floral Print

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber recently celebrated Justin's once-deadbeat father's wedding with him in Jamaica.

Not only were the two practically joined at the hip for this happy occasion, they also spent time joined at the lips.

"They were kissing and hugging throughout the morning," E! reports about Jelena's tropical makeout.

The details make it all sound very romantic.

"He rubbed sunscreen all over her back, and they enjoyed the pool and being outside..."

What matters isn't what fans think of Justin or their reunion, but how Selena feels about all of this.

"They looked extremely happy."

Awww, good for them!

Justin Bieber, Shirtless Tattoos

As for those who accuse Selena of repeating past mistakes, well, E!'s insider claims that this is something else.

"Everything is so different this time around."

Well, they've both lived their lives and grown as individuals since they last broke up.

"This time around, Justin is behaving like a gentlemen and showing how much he cares about her."

That's certainly very nice to hear. We hope that it lasts.

"He's is a lot more open about his feelings towards Selena, which has been a big sign of him maturing."

Awwww! Very different from the guy who couldn't express his affections unless he was drunk whom Selena describes in her song, "Sober."

Selena Gomez, Cleavage Image

Obviously, the renewed closeness of this couple has led to rumors.

Some have claimed that Selena Gomez is pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby -- she is not.

In the light of Selena's ongoing struggle with Lupus, a devastating autoimmune disorder that caused her to get a kidney transplant last June and which continues to threaten her life, those rumors are almost cruel.

But, bittersweetness aside, this was a wholesome post by Selena.

We hope that she and the Biebs enjoyed his 24th birthday.

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