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Sad news today for people who think Selena Gomez is an absolute doll who deserves nothing but the best in life …

Which, just in case you’re wondering, should be literally every single person.

Selena Gomez in Staples Center

Remember how, several years ago, Selena started dating Justin Bieber? He was a little douchey at the time — not nearly as bad as he was in later years though — and we were all like “Aww, Selena, you can do better.”

OK, then remember when they broke up a few years after that, and it was very exciting and we were all so happy that she’d finally dumped the guy?

Unfortunately, today we’re going to have to feel some feelings that resemble the ones we felt in that first scenario.

As we discussed yesterday, Selena and Justin recently spent some time together.

Justin, along with some other friends, visited her home, and everyone hung out together. It was a pretty big deal, considering the big falling out they had last year — more on that momentarily.

“But wait,” you may be thinking. “Isn’t Selena still dating The Weeknd?”

Selena Gomez Selfie with The Weeknd

She is, that’s true, but apparently he’s cool with her rekindling the friendly part of her relationship with Justin.

Because according to a new report from E! News, that’s the only part of their relationship they’re working on.

As a source explains, Selena and Justin are “just friends,” and “nothing romantic is going on” between them.

“They both have a long history with each other so they will always have a place in their heart for one another.”

And surprisingly, their friendship isn’t even a brand new development — they’ve apparently been spending time together ever since she had her kidney transplant.

“Justin is always checking on Selena to make sure she is feeling good,” the source claims.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in August 2011

“Justin has grown up on many levels. It’s nice they were friends and there for each other now.”

As for The Weeknd, he was “well aware that Justin and Selena were hanging out with a few friends, and “he trusts her.”

He trusts her so much that the insider speculates that “Once The Weeknd gets back from touring you will likely see them all out.”

Seems like there’s a solid chance they’ll all get along beautiful, because “Justin is happy that Selena found a good guy that treats her well.”

“He has nothing bad to say about The Weeknd.”

What happened to these people?!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: 2011 American Music Awards

Just a little over a year ago, Justin and Selena were feuding on social media after he complained about comments his followers were making about his girlfriend at the time, Sofia Richie.

She advised him to stop posting pictures of his girlfriend instead of attacking his fans — honestly, it seemed a little strange (and a lot petty) that she commented at all on the matter.

After that, Justin got his feelings hurt and left Instagram for a while, and she felt bad enough to share a message on Snapchat that read “What I said was selfish and pointless.”

Shortly after that, Selena went off to rehab, and we began hearing reports about how Justin wasn’t allowed to contact her whatsoever, since he didn’t really do great things for her mental health.

But now, just a few months later, they’re spending time together and supporting each other?

Yeah, Selena, girl, you can still do better.