Safaree Samuels: Nicki Minaj Only Dated Me For My Anaconda!

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Safaree Samuels' nudes leaked. That shouldn't happen to anyone, of course. In Safaree's case, though, it's opening up new opportunities.

In a new interview, Safaree is opening up about those opportunities and whether or not he'll accept the offers to do porn. He also talks about one thing that got canceled over his nudes.

He also says that his prodigious dong is what kept Nicki Minaj coming back for more for all of those years.

Safaree Has Abs for Days

When asked by TMZ how he imagines that Nicki Minaj feels about his leaked and very impressive nude photos, Safaree makes it clear that the two of them aren't in touch.

"I don't know. How do you know if she even knows or not?"

After a moment, though, he opens up with a relevant story about their relationship.

"The funny thing is, she used to always say to me that 'If you didn't have that thing, i would have been left you.'"

Clearly, she didn't mean it in a hurtful way.

"She would be cracking up laughing when she said it to me."

Was she laughing because she was joking, or because she was laughing at herself because it was true? They did have an off-and-on relationship for about 12 years.

Safaree Samuels on Twitter

Like we said, between Safaree's fame, his equipment, and the way that his nudes went viral, porn companies were bound to eye him for some work.

Those rumored offers are real, Safaree admits.

"I definitely do not want to do porn, but some porn company reached out, too."

He admits that he's puzzled, since he's never expressed any interest in doing sex work of any kind.

"I don't understand these people. Something leaks and then you ask the guy who ... I don't wanna do porn."

You can't blame a company for making the offer. They'd hate to pass on the opportunity.

Safaree clarifies what he is interested in doing.

"I want to do music. And TV. Entertainment. Movies."

Safaree Samuels Photo

He says that he's gotten other offers.

"Some people from some condom places, uh ... some sex mold ... they want me to do a mold."

Penis molds of famous people aren't uncommon, though usually they're of porn stars.

(There are even kits that they sell where couples can make their own mold)

"Like, these people are talking crazy ... like a hundred thousand dollars. And, like, rubber Safaree meats with fur coats wrapped around them."

That's quite an image.

"I've been seeing, like, my female fans hit me up, saying that they would like that."

He doesn't sound inclined to take up fans on the offer -- or, at least, he doesn't sound like he'll publicly admit to it.

"I don't know, that sounds a bit personal."

Sex so often is.

"I think that would mess me up in the future for having a wife."

Safaree Samuels Is Put on the Spot!

All things considered, though, it looks like Safaree is focusing on the bright side.

"You know, there's definitely been some good coming with it. So I guess we can't complain about that."

To be clear, one absolutely can complain about having their privacy violated. But Safaree talks about new opportunities.

"My bookings are going through the roof. The phones and emails are going nonstop."

Hey, that's great news. But one gig did get canceled.

"One thing happened. I was supposed to go to a school -- a high school. And the principal did not want to let me in the school. This happened yesterday."

The school was a high school in Brooklyn. Apparently they arrived and a woman came outside, saying: "We don't want him here; we don't want the backlash."

Safaree in White

On the one hand, we can understand any school being leery of backlash.

On the other hand, this isn't Safaree's fault. This sounds like victim-blaming.

Back to that first hand, though, it's not clear why Safaree was going to a school in the first place.

All in all, it sounds like Safaree is taking the Kardashian approach and using these nudes to his advantage.

That is, admittedly, easier to do for men than women, because of how society praises male sexuality but condemns women for having bodies.

Good for Safaree.

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