Khloe Kardashian Shares Message of Hope for Unborn Daughter

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Khloe Kardashian is over it.

She was taken aback at first by the reveal her her child's gender, as witnessed by viewers of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians finale on Sunday night, but now Khloe has shifted her focus.

She's not just down with having a daughter...

Khloe Kardashian at 8 Months

... she has some words of wisdom to pass along to this unborn small human being.

The 33-year old posted a new blog entry on her app yesterday, where she answered fill-in-the-blank questions about her impending little girl.

It was titled “All My Hopes For My Daughter” and it focused on Kardashian's fondest aspirations for her future bundle of joy.

It also took us back to the moment during which Khloe learned she was not having a son, despite her strong convictions otherwise.

“I can’t believe I’m having a girl! It was such a special moment and I’m so happy I got to share it with you guys,” she wrote to open this blog post.

That's quite the turnaround for Khloe, who simply could not believe on the aforementioned finale that she was growing a girl inside her womb.

Khloe Kardashian Shower Maternity Picture

"I don't feel like I'm having a girl at all. I'm like in a state of shock," Khloe said over and over on air, making it sound like she was disappointed by the news.

But she later clarified a few things:

  1. She has a boy named picked out, so that simply would have been easier.
  2. She was simply surprised, due to her premonition of giving birth to a son.
  3. She is pregnant, remember.

"God gives us what we need! His timing is never wrong! my hormones were IN RARE FORM for that news," Khloe joked on Twitter shortly after the finale aired, adding:

"I am now so excited my daughter will have forever best friends with Chicago and Stormi!! God is great!!! Thank you Lord for our princess."

Said princess is scheduled to enter the world at some point in the next four weeks.

keeks on twitter

In this blog entry, Kardashian writes that "it would be cool" for her kid to "speak many languages," prior to getting very specific about the type of music she plans to bring her child up on.

"My baby is going to grow up listening to old school music," Keeks explained.

Such as?

"We listen to it now. All Anita Baker, Michael McDonald, Marvin Gaye, Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson…real music!"

As for dating? And as for when she'll let her daughter watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online or on television?

Not before she's a teenager, Khloe says. For both these activities. 

Khloe at 29 Weeks

But Kardashian also tackled some more serious topics in this post.

For example, the long-time star said she wants her baby to develop “loyalty and family unity."

And, when asked if her daughter could excel at just one thing, the Revenge Body actress answered that she hopes it will be “self-love."

Here's a look at other ways Kardashian filled in the blanks to a few questions posed on her website:

Q: Tristan really wants our baby to be...
A: Forever healthy!

Q: The sister that will end up babysitting the most...
A: Kourt or Kim. They already have so many kids. What's one more. LOL!

Q: It would be cool if my baby's secret talent was...
A: Singing.

Q: I hope my baby isn't afraid to...
A: Make new friends.

Q: The cousins I think my baby will be closest to are...
A: Chicago and Stormi

We seriously can't get over the fact that those last two names are real.

But anyway: congrats again and best of luck, Khloe!

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