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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians Seasin 14 finale was titled "The Gender Reveal."

For what reason?

Because Khloe Kardashian learned during the episode whether she was having a boy or a girl baby in a few weeks!

Khloe Kardashian Discovers Something

She learned this vital piece of information from half-sister Kylie Jenner for some scripted reason, as Kylie called Keeks while the latter was on vacation in San Francisco.

(Would a doctor even tell the results to anyone aside from his or her patient? We’re pretty sure not. But whatever. This is TV, people!)

"You’re having a girl!" a pumped-up Kylie tells Khloe over the phone.

"You’re lying!" responds a stunned Khloe.

"I’m not lying," Kylie replies. "I’m so excited for you Khloe!"

But Khloe can’t reciprocate this feeling.

She sounds very disappointed with the news, saying it comes as a major surprise, despite there being just two possibilities for what this answer could have been.

"I don’t feel like I’m having a girl," she says.

Is It a Girl?

Kim, who was on the trip with Khloe, then tried to comfort her sister, saying, she, too, was sad to discover she was having a girl the first time she was pregnant.

"It’s OK, I cried when I found out North was going to be a girl too," she explained.

"I don’t feel like I’m having a girl at all. I’m like in a state of shock," Khloe reiterated, sticking to whatever words were penned for her by producers that would milk this moment for all the drama possible.

On Twitter after the finale aired, Khloe said she had a boy name picked out, which is part of the reason why she felt so let down by the truth.

She also tried to expound on her initial reaction on the episode itself:

"When you have your mind made up as to what you’re having, like everyone told me you’re going to feel what you’re having and you’ll just kind of know.

"And then when you find out it’s the complete opposite it’s just a shock.

"I just was convinced that I was having a boy, so to be having a girl it’s just like, ‘OK that wasn’t what I thought was going on.’"

Khloe then called her mother and went over the whole story again.

"I’m really hoping Kylie’s gonna say she’s lying and like I’m really having a boy," Kardashian said, still unable to process this truly unexpected developments.

Khloe Kardashian Shower Maternity Photo

Replied Kris Jenner:

"Khloe, the only thing I wanted in life, the only thing, was a boy. Three times, and I got the three of you: a man is much more attached to a girl."

(Ummmm, what: did she just tell Khloe to be psyched because this means Tristan Thompson won’t leave her?!?)

"Totally, and I know Tristan will be in love and I’ll be in love and she’ll be so cute and whatever," Khloe said in return trying to convince herself.

"This will be the love of his life, no offense to you, but this will be the love of his life," Kris tells Khloe, to which she joked:

"Well, then I’m going to get jealous. I’m jealous. Well, then I don’t like that. I don’t like her."

Keeks On Twitter

It took Khloe a little while to get there, but as you can see above, she’s now down with her kid’s gender.

"I am now so excited my daughter will have forever best friends with Chicago and Stormi!! God is great!!! Thank you Lord for our princess," Tweeted the mother-to-be.

This will be Khloe’s first child and SHE is due some time in March or early April.

Kim also reacted to the gender reveal on social media, writing:

Kim Excited

Khloe’s baby will join Kim’s two daughter Chicago and Kylie’s daughter Stormi as new female additions to this famous family.

What do you think of Khloe’s reaction to the news?

Was it weird or cute? Plotted ahead of time or legitimately spontaneous?

And, most importantly, what do you think she’ll name her daughter?!?