The Voice Recap: The Blind Auditions Heat Up!

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The Blind Auditions are a frustrating part of The Voice. 

Some people who turn in first-class performances do not get so much as one chair to turn for them, and then there are the sub-par voices that get almost a full house. 

Alicia Keys Turns Her Chair

It boggles the mind, but it makes for some suspense, we guess. 

Night three of The Voice Season 14 auditions found some downright horrible performers advancing to the next stage of the process. 

Alas, let's break down the performances for the people that were lucky enough to make it through!

Christiana Danielle - “Hotline Bling”

Okay, we're calling it right now: Christiana is going to make it all the way to the end. Her performance of the Drake classic was on point. 

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14

Adam turned his seat at the top of the performance, presumably because he knew Christiana was going to be one to watch. 

In the end, Christiana joined Team Alicia, and we think that was the best choice. 

Brett Hunter - “She’s a Bad Mama Jama”

Brett is a quirky 30-year-old with a rock-solid voice that he knows how to use. It was not up there with the best we've witnessed on this long-in-the-tooth NBC reality series, but there was something there worth nurturing. 

Joining Team Blake was a good idea because Blake seemed like the best fit for his vocals. Time will tell whether Brett can emerge from the pack. 

Adam Levine on The Voice Season 14

Jamai - “U Got It Bad”

Jamai's voice was not very engaging. There was a lot of build-up, and while it seemed like he was going to be the best performer of the night, it was all over the place. 

It was shaky, and difficult to follow, but will he be able to battle the nerves in order to move further into the competition?

Mia Boostrom - “PILLOWTALK”

Mia was another one who skated through to the next stage. Her performance of the Zayn Malik number was less than stellar. 

In fact, there were better people who were sent home. That said, she had the charisma to keep the presence very much on her throughout. 

The Voice Season 14 Panel

She joined Team Adam, but she will need to adapt quickly if she has any hope of staying in the process for much longer. 

Jackie Foster - “What About Us”

Jackie was the one who we thought was going to take our breath away with a solid performance, but there was nothing special about it.

It was dull, forced, and felt like a half-baked rendition of a solid song.  She went with Team Kelly, but it's unclear what will become of her. 

Jorge Eduardo - “Despacito”

Jorge appeared on stage, conquered and got onto one of the better teams on the show. His voice is on par with some of the best this season thus far. 

Kelly should help him move on and become a better competitor. 

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton on The Voice

Austin Giorgio - “How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You)”

Another sub-par performance. 

“I’m telling you guys, [my performance is] gonna be nuts,” Austin said with a grin, but his vocals were just not there. 

He has a lot of work to do if he wants to stay in the process for much longer. 

Johnny Bliss - “Preciosa”

Talk about saving the best for last! This dude's performance was perfect. Whatever most of the others lacked, Johnny had it on display and turned in one of the best renditions of the season. 

What did you think of the episode?

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