Justin Bieber: Dating Model Just to Make Selena Gomez Jealous?!

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The whole world knew it was bound to happen, but we suppose that doesn't make Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's latest breakup any less painful for the principles involved.

Which means we're in for yet another round of competitive pettiness delivered by two wealthy and beautiful young people who could be putting all their time and money to more productive use by doing literally anything else.

Justin Bieber Likes Basketball

And to make matters worse, this time, there are innocent bystanders being dragged into the mix.

Baskin Champion may sound like a winner at this year's Westminster Dog Show, but she's actually a 22-year-old model and the latest pawn in Justin and Selena's game.

It seems the Biebs has been spotted out and about with Baskin several times in recent weeks, but he's apparently less concerned with bedding the beauty (although that may have happened, too) and more interested in making Selena jealous.

"He knows everything he's doing is going to get out," a source close to the situation assures E! News.

"[Gomez is] off having fun with her friends and so he’s showing that he can still go out and have fun too. And to be honest, I’m sure there’s a part of him that wants to make Selena a bit jealous!”

Baskin Champion

The insider says Justin has a long history of messing with Selena's mind:

"This seems like right out of the old Justin’s textbook! He was very manipulative with her emotions the last time and did stuff like this a lot," the source claims.

Yeesh. Sounds like the sort of douchey behavior with which Bieber's name was once, sadly, synonymous.

It's beginning to look like those who feared that Justin and Selena would revert back to their unhealthiest selves by giving their relationship another go were really on to something.

As for Ms. Gomez, she's said to be struggling in the wake of the split, but apparently, in some ways, she's finding life easier post-Justin.

Selena Gomez Strikes a Pose

We already knew that Selena's mom doesn't like Bieber, and it seems many of her friends have similar feelings.

As a result, the singer is being widely praised for cutting ties with Justin yet again:

"They think he’s a bad influence on her and she becomes really dependent on him," the source says.

"She's so generous and loyal and puts 100 percent of herself into everything, including her relationships, which isn't always the healthiest."

The insider claims that Selena's main strategy these days is simply to avoid news about Justin as much as possible:

"The thing with Justin and Selena is that when they’re together, they’re together, when they’re apart, they’re apart. As in, they’re no longer attached at the hip," the tipster claims.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2011

As for Justin's apparent hookup with Ms. Champion, well, Selena may not have much to worry about on that score.

The source says that while Baskin may have left a concert hand-in-hand with Justin earlier this week, it was apparently all for show, as the relationship is based on "nothing more" than friendly flirting.

"Justin's been friends with her for a while. They know each other through mutual friends,"

Sigh. Seems like a lot of work just to mess with your emotionally fragile ex.

Stars - they're just as petty as the rest of us!

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