Meghan Markle: Already Pregnant With Prince Harry's Baby?!

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As we're sure you've heard by now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married in less than two months, and the anticipation couldn't be higher among royal obsessives and lavish wedding aficionados.

The preparations are entering their final stages, and we're assuming an army of high-ranking officials - probably in comical powdered wigs - are racing around to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary takes place in the final weeks before the big day.

Preg Meg

Needless to say, they're probably getting their knickers in a twist over the latest issue of OK! magazine, which claims that Meghan is already pregnant with Harry's baby.

“Meghan’s Family Confirms: Baby On The Way Already!" the tabloid's headline screams.

The cover goes on to assert that the revelation comes straight from Meghan's family.

So checkout line customers might be a bit disappointed when they page through the mag and find that the story appears to be at least 90 percent BS.

It starts with a bunch of vague claims about how Harry and Meg are “wasting no time starting a family" and how there's "buzz in the palace that Meghan could be pregnant already."

Meghan Markle with Her Prince

Not exactly journalism you can hang your hat on, but the mag does eventually get around to citing a source.

Sadly, it's not someone from within Meg's family, as the headline declares.

Rather the "insider" is none other than Erin Specht, whom you might remember as the woman who once dated Meghan's estranged half-brother and has been using that dubious connection to cash in in recent months.

“If Meghan is indeed already pregnant, Harry would likely confirm it with a surprise toast at their rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding," the magazine claims, based on Specht's remarks.

Yeah, we have our doubts about ... well, pretty much every part of this story, but that last portion stands out as particularly bogus.

Meghan with Harry

Earlier this week, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II wants Harry and Meghan to lay off the PDA because she doesn't think peasants should associate the royals with wonton hand-holding and cheek-kissing.

We have a hard time believing that after that, Harry would just casually confirm that Meg is expecting on the night before his wedding.

We know he's engaged in some scandalous behavior in the past.

But something about giving his grandmother a heart attack in front of his wedding party seems a bit too far.

We guess that'll teach her to try and limit his PDA!

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