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As many adult entertainment fans know well, Farrah Abraham has no problem with the backdoor.

But the long-time MTV personality has now been shown a door of a very different kind:

She’s been fired from Teen Mom OG.

F. Abraham
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Not only has the controversial parent been let go from this franchise, she’s already been replaced.

Sources tell The Hollywood Gossip that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is already shooting episodes as the latest OG series regular.

How does Abraham feel about this development?

She previously told Us Weekly that the show will miss its "biggest star" and that she’s content to focus now on "scripted opportunities, taking a pretty high road for someone who has never been afraid to hurl some serious shade at producers and colleagues over the years.

And now Farrah has spoken out again about her departure.

Did she slam the living heck out of McKee or any of her veteran co-stars?

Not really, we’re very sad to report.

Farrah Abraham Fired
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"I wish all the women of Teen Mom the best as their jealousy, hatred, and women-hating should stop and more so lift up and empower women," Abraham told on Friday, adding:

"This show lacks [confidence], [security], honesty and integrity, which is why the adults of this show must be controlled and puppeteered by producers and staff."

Not exactly a sweet parting shot.

But nothing like what Abraham has said in past about the series, either.

Speaking specifically to Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood, Farrah said she hopes these women really take a long look in the mirror.

If not for themselves, then for their kids.

"The effect on their children is concerning," she says. "I deeply hope the mothers and fathers take their children’s development and safety more serious."

As someone who keeps nude photos of her young daughter on her phone, Farrah does know a thing or two about proper child development and treatment.

"As I start a new chapter, I wish all the families the best in safety and health," she concluded in this interview, ending on as mature a note as she could muster.

Having seemingly accepted her fate, Farrah also sent a message to her haters and critics.

She knows they are out there. She knows they are waiting to jump on her every word and action.

But they can talk all the walk they want, she taunts; she’s out here walking the damn walk!

"To make a change in society, ‘see something say something,’" she explained here.

"Many [trolls] aren’t leaders and making world changes. I chose this life, I will always continue to make this world a better place above all the lies and attacks against me."

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back
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What kind of legacy does Farrah think she has left?

Where does she rank herself among all time villains or favorites on MTV or even on other networks?

She didn’t say, exactly.

However, just like the erect penises of men who view her sex tape are pointing toward the ceiling, she is holding her head up high:

"I think I’ve done this better than most in reality TV."