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Farrah Abraham … how does she do it?

How does she wake up every single day and manage to go through her life being the way that she is?

Farrah the Ambassador
Photo via Twitter

This isn’t an insult either, not really, it’s a sincere question: how does she function without having a real ability to communicate with other people?

We’ve seen it on Teen Mom OG, we’ve seen it all over her social media accounts: whether she’s speaking with another person or just writing her thoughts down, she just doesn’t make sense.


She strings words together in a way that, if you really try or if you’re familiar with her particular flavor of word salad, you can kind of understand what she’s getting at, but not really.

And when she’s feeling some big emotions?

Forget it — don’t even bother trying to decipher the thoughts that come out of her head then.

But as hard as it is to understand her, we just can’t help but keep up with Farrah and all of her many, many shenanigans.

And since MTV has been promoting the scene in which she gets fired from Teen Mom a lot this week, there’s been a lot to keep up with.

A few days ago, Farrah shared a clip from that scene and went on a big ol’ rant about it, about how she was "bullied, surrounded & hurt by all the manipulation.

She accused producers of trying to "be little" her while she was trying to become "the best Farrah I can be."

Word Salad
Photo via MTV

It was … well, it sure was something.

But it obviously wasn’t enough to sooth her troubled mind.

She picked up her rant again yesterday, sharing that same clip once again on Twitter and writing "I appreciate this great example of being a strong women through some deceitful horrible plotted contrived times on this show."

"It’s horrible when people play dumb act ignorant like they have no clue of what their consequences for their actions our as their older then I am."

(It feels important at this point to remind everyone that this woman is homeschooling her child.)

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Over on Instagram, she shared the same clip and the same message, but since she was unburdened by a character limit there, she decided to share more of her thoughts and feelings.

A whole, whole lot more.

This time, she felt the need to go after specific producers, telling one named Kristen "don’t ever conspire & do illegal behavior with men and women to treat a single mother, her child & my parents and friends badly."

"I’ve wasted my breathe talking to both you & Jordan had amazing jobs & paychecks for a year and to act stupid and continue to upset and go against my beliefs, life expectations I set clearly from day one."

She advised poor Kristen to "do your work as a producer, and stop trying to take my energy with your pathetic, negative behavior, to you, morgan & everyone in post Justice will be served have a great life away from mine because none of you lead ethical, moral, safe environments & are the example of horrible producing to docuseries."

Farrah Abraham, Blonde for Single AF
Photo via Instagram

So does she think she’s being clear when she communicates like this? Like, in her head, does this all make perfect sense?

Because it really, really does not.

Farrah also accused the production team of a "legit fail of tracking my real life story line," and she said that she "might as well be on a scripted soap opera as the stupid energy and contrived scenes are a waste of time to my real life and real challenges."

This actual hero went on to say that "it’s taken me countless years of therapy, family therapy, self improvement coaching, opening 3 businesses, traveling the world & educating myself beyond our traditional systems so I can lead teams, make the best tv, be the best person I can be & be credible for all of my works I achieve."

She’s trying to say something about the authenticity of the show, but see how it sort of turned into her bragging about herself? Classic Farrah.

"I owe everything to God," she continued, "and to all the negatives I turn into positives I see how others can hate or be jealous but no one has over come the hurdles I have, no one strives to have work ethic as I do, & no one truly takes responsibility for all their actions as I have."

"My social justice is a success for the MTV Teen Mom project."

… OK, girl. Sure. Whatever you say.