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Long before Farrah Abraham fell victim to Viacom’s "hate crimes" — in other words, before Farrah got fired from Teen Mom OG — she starred in a sex tape.

Now she’s talking about the sort of response, which she describes as sex-shaming, she received for the tape that she claims she never intended to go public.

Farrah’s also talking about what she has planned next and … you’ll be genuinely surprised. Really.

F. Abraham

These days, Farrah has wholeheartedly embraced her sex work. She’s even been named an ambassador for sex positivity.

Originally, however, she tells E! that she’d never planned on sex work becoming part of her life.

"I have to emphasize that I didn’t intentionally decide to work in the adult industry."

And yet she did a sex tape with James Deen (before he was accused of rape by multiple women)

Farrah says that the sex tape with the porn star was never supposed to get out, and that she only signed her approval for distribution after it leaked.

Farrah Abraham Poses in Intimate Wear

"At that time, I was a young experimental 21-year-old woman who happened to be a celebrity that tried to balance life, fame, and dating while forging new friendships."

Goodness — hearing Farrah describe herself is always fascinating and illuminating.

If you want another example, check out Farrah’s dating profile.

Now, Farrah’s obvious persecution complex aside, she did receive some very unfair feedback.

"The backlash I received for my sex tape was genuinely hurtful."

Farrah Abraham Lounges in a White Bikini

Sex-shaming is real and it’s never okay, though it doesn’t really make up the bulk of criticisms of Farrah — many of which are much more legitimate gripes.

"I felt misunderstood for expressing my sensuality."

Sex-shaming is genuinely wrong — yes, even if it happens to Farrah.

"Although it took me a few years to reconcile those feelings through therapy, along with my faith in God, I was able to overcome being sex-shamed to find my real purpose."

And she goes into what she believes that her purpose in life must be.

Farrah Abraham, See-Through Lingerie Picnic

"I am grateful for this experience because it made me into an empowered woman who proudly wants to help end the stigma around sex."

Sex positivity simply means rejecting shame and stigma surrounding sex — while also respecting that other people may not desire sex or feel that it’s as liberating as you do.

Farrah goes into what the term sex positivity means to her.

"For me, it means embracing your sexuality and personal freedom."

That’s certainly true.

"It’s important to promote safe and consensual sex and use my celebrity status to spread this vital message."

Farrah Abraham Gets Sexy

And she wants to pass on that message to the next generation.

"I want to be able to spread this message to my daughter."

Farrah is asked what she wants to do next with her life.

"At 26 years old, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already."

We’ll let that one slide.

"And I hope to continue to develop new products, from my furniture, toys, and clothing line to providing entrepreneurs with educational resources. The sky’s the limit."

Farrah Abraham Tries to Be Sexy

It’s not a shock that Farrah’s going to continue to sell things, some of which is definitely lingerie.

But this is a bit of a surprise:

"I would also love to open a new frozen yogurt location!"

Sounds like somebody’s looking to broaden her brand.

Ignoring for the moment the prospect of slurping Farrah’s frozen yogurt …

Farrah Abraham Red Hair

It looks like Farrah’s persecution complex has led her to believe that people dislike her for her sex work, whether it’s the old sex tape or her more recent livestreamed sex shows.

This conveniently ignores her racist tirades that have gotten her called out by other reality stars.

It ignores the fact that, even for a reality star, she seems to feud with everyone in sight. It’s obnoxious.

No one should be shamed for sex or for sex work. But Farrah has allowed herself to believe that this, and not her very real personality flaws, are responsible for her "haters."

She should consider that she’s not the only Teen Mom star who’s stripped down.