James Deen Assault Scandal: Two More Women Come Forward!

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Just days after adult film actress Stoya took to Twitter to publicly accuse fellow porn star James Deen of raping her, more women are coming forward about him.

James Deen
Tear-Filled Farrah

Yesterday, December 1, MTV’s Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham called James Deen a rapist.

Farrah had appeared in a sex tape with Deen in 2013.  After the release of the tape, while filming for VH1’s Couples Therapy, Farrah revealed she had been drugged and raped.

Later, she implied that it was Deen.

But she didn’t mention it explicitly until Stoya came forward. "I'm not going to say "I TOLD YOU SO" but I'm to busy for Rapists #weakAreStrong #speakout #slutwalk,” she tweeted.

Now, two more women, Tori Lux and Ashely Fires, are joining Stoya and Farrah, accusing Deen of sexually assaulting them.

Yesterday, December 1, The Daily Beast published a statement from Lux.  She explained that in 2011, Deen asked her to “sniff her testicles.”

When she refused his weird request, Deen went crazy.  He pinned her to a mattress, holding her down by the throat and hitting her several times. Then, he forced her face into his groin.

The porn stars were on the set of a film when Deen attacked Lux, but they were not filming.

Fires also opened up to The Daily Beast. She said she refuses to work with the accused sex offender because “he almost raped me.”

Her account of the incident paints a similar, ugly portrait of Deen.  Fires explained, that Deen "[came] up from behind me and push[ed] himself and his erection into my butt.”

He then pushed her against the sink and grabbed her.  She repeatedly told him “no,” and he finally backed off.

Fires was vocal about the incident.  And “a year or so later Deen confronted her about the incident and ordered her to ‘stop telling people about it.’”

The women’s allegations came only two days after Stoya - an actress, writer, and Deen’s ex-girlfriend - publicly accused Deen.

Shortly after her announcement, the hashtag #SolidarityWithStoya began circulating social media sites.

In a series of tweets on Sunday night, Deen called Stoya’s allegations “both false and defamatory.”

Unfortunately, many rape victims do not come forward.  Often, law enforcement don't take the victim seriously.  And when the rapist is famous or influential, the victim is unjustly accused of lying.

Lux explained that she did not report the incident because she didn’t believe the police would take her seriously.

“The reason for that is because people -- including the police -- tend to believe that sex workers have placed themselves in harm’s way, and therefore can’t be assaulted,” she explained. 

“Of course, this claim couldn’t be further from the truth, as being involved in sex work does not equate to being harmed.”

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