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Farrah Abraham … look, she’s not the brightest, OK?

Not by a very, very long shot.

Farrah Abraham Up Close, Personal
Photo via Instagram

Ever since Farrah became famous for being a Teen Mom, she’s made one questionable decision after another.

Sometimes those decisions are the result of harmless ignorance, like the time she got ripped off trying to sell a car online, or all the random, dumb things that fall out of her mouth on a daily basis.

But other times those decisions come from … we don’t even know what to call it, but it’s a real bad place.

For example, her choice to pull her daughter Sophia out of school so she could homeschool her when we’re a little doubtful that she technically understands the English language herself?

That’s a next-level bad decision.

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie
Photo via Instagram

And wouldn’t you know it, Farrah went and made ANOTHER one of those terrible choices this week — and we’re not even talking about the ridiculous idea she had to try and sue Viacom for being fired from Teen Mom OG.

Nope, this one is way, way worse. In many ways.

On Thursday night, Farrah did a quick little interview with TMZ, and she did kick things off by talking about her lawsuit.

She was asked how she felt about being fired for doing adult films — which we know is just part of the reason she was let go — and she said "Every celebrity has a celebrity sex tape so … that just means you’re more famous, I guess."

That didn’t answer the question at all, and it’s also definitely not true, but of course we never expect Farrah to make sense, so that’s fine.

Farrah Lynn Abraham
Photo via MTV

When asked if that was a double standard (we really have no idea already what’s happening in this interview), she said "There’s a lot of double standards and discrimination, women aren’t treated equally, so I just do what’s right."

"If nobody else wants to change the world for better, that’s fine, but I want to, and that’s my prerogative, I guess."

Sure thing, girl.

Next she was asked about her feelings about the lawsuit, if she was nervous at all.

"I mean, I’ve never lost any lawsuit I’ve ever been in," she answered.

She also said "My legal team is read, Viacom’s not ready."

Whatever you say, Farrah.

Lastly, and this is the thing we really want to get into, the subject of Kim Kardashian’s most recent scandal came up for some reason — the scandal where she posted that topless photo that she said North took for her.

"You know, there’s a lot of other celebrities who are nude all over the place on social media, but they’re not called porn stars," she laughed.

And then she dropped this uncomfortable bombshell:

"My daughter and I run around the house naked, and we just live life free. I mean, we have naked pictures on our phones of each other because we’re like a mom and daughter crew."

Sophia and Farrah Abraham
Photo via Getty Images

Farrah. Farrah, no.

That first part isn’t so much the issue. Some families are more comfortable with nudity than others, and that’s OK.

But is there any reason at all, any conceivable reason, for Sophia to have naked pictures of her mother on her phone?


Is there any reason at all for Farrah to have naked pictures of her nine-year-old daughter on her phone?

Farrah Abraham, Castle Selfie
Photo via Instagram

No. Nope. Nope nope nope.

This is just a truly bizarre, upsetting … just bad thing for Farrah to admit.

And Twitter agrees.

"Ummm I don’t know just a wild guess but….. Something tells me cps & the cops will be visiting her soon because of this interview," one person predicted. "This is just very sad!"

"Another level of crazy I tell you," another person wrote. "Nothing wrong with being naked in front of your child if that’s what you want, but to have naked photos of each other on their phones is a little disgusting and by a little I mean a lot."

Farrah, Sophia Abraham Pic
Photo via Getty Images

A whole, whole lot.

Yet another outraged tweeter wrote that this is "beyond the pale," and that "it’s too late for that kid, she’s seen and heard too much. So so sad. 3 generations of SCREWED up women."

It is sad, but perhaps the saddest thing is that no one is shocked about this at all.

… Actually, on second thought, no — the nude mother-daughter photo shoots are definitely sadder.

Get it together, Farrah. Or at least try.