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Double eviction nights are among some of the best in Big Brother history, and Friday’s episode which sent two celebrities back to the outside world was not short on the drama. 

Julie Chen Evicts Two Celebrities
Photo via CBS

When the episode got underway, Brandi was quick to make her feelings known about Ross making too many alliances in the house because. 

Brandi reasoned that she and Ari were faithful until the end with Marissa and Ross. 

“It’s beginning to feel like there’s no loyalty here,” Brandi said as she contemplated the genuine possibility that she was departing the house next. 

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair
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Just when it seemed like things were going to go her way, Brandi opened her mouth and caused yet another argument between the whole house. 

“I’m excited to send you home because you’ve treated me with more rudeness than anyone else here,” James yelled at Brandi, fully aware that he was kicking her while she was down. 

That’s when Brandi opened up about saving the former Big Time Rush star twice, and well, he was not having any of it. Brandi has been rude to James since the first night. 

Brandi Cleavage
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Her hatred towards him has been bizarre, and the pair have been at odds ever since. Brandi did admit that James was too cocky, and if anyone has witnessed his DR sessions, that may not be far from the truth. 

Brandi’s game imploded further when she turned on Marissa. Brandi’s paranoia was right on the money because her former ally had turned on her. 

“Brandi went so crazy, there’s no saving her now,” Marissa said to the audience when she decided it was time to move on from the alliance. 

Omarosa Is Fierce
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When it came to the veto competition, Omarosa decided to throw it because she felt like she was safe from the block for the week. 

That allowed Ariadna to take the win, and remove herself from the block. Marissa was thrown up in her place in order to have the votes to take Brandi out. 

“I’m 90 percent sure my experience in the Big Brother house is over,” Brandi said in the aftermath of the competition. 

Brandi was the first houseguest of the night evicted, and James gave her a nasty goodbye message. Brandi was in good spirits and said that she had made a nastier one for James. 

James Maslow Is Cool
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Sadly, we never got to lay eyes on it. 

During the live Head of Household competition, Omarosa secured the upper hand and chose to nominate Ross and Marissa for eviction. 

Ross managed to win the veto competition and took himself off the block. Yes, it looks like Omarosa is going to have to try harder to get him out. 

In a shocking turn of events, James was put up on the block, and he was mad. He was sent out of the house right after Brandi. 

James Maslow Poses
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Julie dropped the bomb on the houseguests that the final Head of Household would be allowed to evict two houseguests instantly. 

Let the scheming begin!

What did you think of the two-hour extravaganza?

Celebrity Big Brother concludes Sunday on CBS!