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Kylie Jenner is a mother.

We’ve known this was coming for months, and it’s already been a few weeks since she gave birth, but still … how wild is that?!

Kylie Jenner, Post-Birth
Photo via Instagram

Kylie Jenner, right at this very moment, could be changing her baby’s diaper, or giving her baby a bottle, or doing a million other things that new mothers do because she is a mother.

Just think, this time last year she was going back and forth with all the Tyga drama, sharing racy selfie after racy selfie, roaming around L.A. without a care of the world.

And now she’s responsible for a whole human being.

Seriously, how wild is that?

But in addition to being a mother, Kylie is still a 20-year-old, which means that she’s still not quite done maturing yet.

Kylie Jenner: A Sexy Selfie!
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So what do you get when you take a young woman who’s used to having to world at her feet, who’s always been able to indulge each and every whim she has, and throw a baby in the mix?

Trouble. You get trouble.

According to a new report from Life & Style, poor Kylie is really struggling with her new life. Like, struggling a lot.

An insider explains that "In the past, Kylie’s looked after Kim and Kourtney’s kids but could always hand them back when she got bored or had plans."

However, "having her own baby has been a complete shock to the system — it’s a lot of hard work."

Kylie Jenner Reveals REAL Reason Behind Baby Name
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You don’t say!

The source says that "At first, Kylie complained about changing dirty diapers," which is kind of alarming since, you know, dirty diapers make up a pretty huge part of caring for a newborn.

Luckily she’s come to terms with the diaper situation, "but still struggles with the sleepless nights and the baby crying and now always being able to figure out what Stormi needs."

During her pregnancy she apparently had a lot of big ideas about doing everything on her own without hiring any outside help, but now that her daughter is here, she’s rethinking that decision.

"She just can’t cope with the stress and has changed her mind," the source says.

Kylie Jenner While Pregnant
Photo via instagram

But as it turns out, one specific event changed her mind — a fight with Kris Jenner.

"Kylie has been relying on Kris to help out but her mom has a lot of other things going on," the source claims. "When Kylie insisted she was getting outside help, Kris stomped out, leaving Kylie alone with a crying baby."

"Kylie felt totally overwhelmed and burst into tears herself."

Bless her poor little heart, right?

Honestly, there would be nothing wrong with her getting a little help. She can definitely afford it, and a nanny could help teach her how to care for Stormi.

Kylie Jenner and a Watch
Photo via instagram

She could get more sleep so she’d feel more capable of caring for her daughter, and while the majority of mothers aren’t able to get that kind of help, she can, and that would be fine.

Another reason why getting a nanny would be a good idea for her?

So she can get that body selfie-ready, of course!

"Kylie does everything to the extreme," the source says. "Getting her body back has motivated her like you wouldn’t believe. She can’t wait to take the title of sexiest mom ever!"

Oh, Kylie. We’d say "never change," but it looks like you haven’t!