Teen Mom OG Recap: The Crazy Life of Amber Portwood

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Amber's plan to oust Matt from her life came to a head on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 6, thanks in large part due to a new man.

That's right, Andrew Glennon made his first appearance.

Meanwhile, Farrah returned home to Omaha and Taylor gave Maci a huge surprise ... but where either of those developments positive?

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that Amber is often all over the place, and Season 5 Episode 6 was certainly true to form.

A few weeks ago, she lamented the idea of life without Matt Baier. This week, she was singing a different tune, ditching him for good.

Helping her get over Matt? Andrew Glennon, an exciting new love interest whom she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp ... with Matt.

In real time, of course, Amber and Andrew are expecting their first child together, so clearly things escalated quickly between the pair.

On yesterday evening's show, she held back on introducing Andrew to her daughter Leah until they were more established as a couple.

We're guessing that didn't take long, either.

She wasn't just keeping Leah distant from Andrew, though; Gary Shirley, Leah's dad, wasn’t too happy about Amber going AWOL in general.

While she was hanging around with her new boyfriend, she left her daughter with Gary, who was none too pleased about her priorities.

He let her hear about it, while she responded by telling Gary and his wife Kristina Anderson just how bizarre her situation with Matt was.

Texting, calling and begging her to take him back, Matt even sent her a photo 20 pills, saying he was going to kill himself if she didn’t reply.

Wow. That's lower than low.

This really makes you question his mental state, and even more incredibly, Matt Baier married Jennifer Conlon just a few months later.

While this was going on, Catelynn and Tyler reunited at last with their birth daughter, Carly, after having been apart for nearly two years.

Joyful as this was, it was bittersweet at the same time, as it left Catelynn feeling depressed once she had to say goodbye to her first-born.

Tyler, on the other hand?

He was feeling the urge to have more kids, even asking Cate if they can start “popping out more," preferably sooner rather than later.

She laughed, though clearly there were signs of her depression and anxiety evident here, and we all know what happened soon after.

Catelynn checked into rehab after experiencing suicidal thoughts, and while she's reportedly at home now, she's not out of the woods.

Maci Bookout went skydiving for her birthday, while her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, posed for some photos.

To celebrate their engagement, that is.

Edwards seemed a little bit off, to put it mildly, fueling concerns from those worried about the troubled star's ongoing battles with addiction.

It's a scary situation. Maci making Ryan take drug tests before seeing Bentley may not be the worst idea, much as we hate to say it.

Finally, Farrah Abraham and Sophia attended her grandmother’s birthday party before going out for dinner with Farrah's mother Debra.

There, Sophia said that she never wants to see Debra again if she ends up marrying her then-fiance David. Yes, Sophia told her this.

Farrah may want to think twice about unloading her feelings on Sophia ... just an idea. The little girl even said at a different point:

“I hope David isn’t at the party.”

Whatever issues Abraham has with her mom, and however she chooses to handle those, she should at least try to shield Soph.

You know, just a little bit.

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