Ryan Edwards: Banned from Seeing Son Until He Passes Drug Test!

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We all know that Ryan Edwards has had his fair share of issues.

Drug issues, douchebag issues ... it's always been something with this guy.

But earlier this year, things came to a head when Maci Bookout discovered the extent of his drug problem. She began taking steps to help him, and to protect their son, Bentley.

And that last part, the thing about protecting Bentley?

That's the thing we're going to be discussing today ...

1. Borderline Deadbeat

Borderline Deadbeat
First, let's get this sad fact out of the way: Ryan has never been a great father to Bentley. From refusing to spend a few dollars for a cake mix on his first birthday to consistently being late or absent for most major events, Bentley has just never seemed like a priority for Ryan.

2. Poor Bentley

Poor Bentley
Sure, Ryan sees the kid, but it's mostly because his own parents, Jen and Larry, are very active grandparents. If it weren't for them, many Teen Mom OG fans feel like he wouldn't be involved in Bentley's life at all.


We don't know exactly when Ryan began experimenting with drugs, but we do know that he went to rehab for the first time in 2012, when Bentley was just four years old. That information was revealed by Ryan's ex-girlfriend, Dalis Connell, and she didn't sound too confident about how seriously he took treatment back then. So there's a possibility he's been on drugs for years now.

4. Downward Spiral

Downward Spiral
Sometime last year, though, his drug use became heartbreakingly obvious to Teen Mom viewers. In many scenes, his eyes appeared to be bugging out of his head, and we began hearing about some strange behavior of his. Remember all his "trips to the bank" that would have him gone from home for hours?

5. The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out
His drug use wasn't confirmed until last season, when Maci went on a trip to Puerto Rico with Amber and Catelynn. She opened up to them about how concerned she was for Ryan, and Amber told her that it'd been clear to her that he'd been high on the show for a while. Same, Amber.

6. Scarier and Scarier

Scarier and Scarier
But the big confirmation happened when Ryan and Mackenzie got married -- specifically on their ride over to the parking lot where the wedding took place.

7. Yikes

Ryan began falling asleep behind the wheel, and when Mackenzie asked him about it, he claimed that the issue was that the sun was in his eyes. He also rambled on about a bunch of nonsense, like a cool idea for a bachelor party that, as he explained, "I just thought about it, but I can't re-think about it."

8. Nope

Instead of asking him to pull over and to stop endangering everyone's lives, Mackenzie smacked him and helped him steer. She also turned off the cameras in the car, but the audio was still going -- that's how we got to hear her ask him if he'd taken Xanax "again."

9. Xanax ... or Heroin?

Xanax ... or Heroin?
But Xanax might not be the only drug Ryan messed with -- some particularly observant Teen Mom viewers noticed that in the finale, just before the wedding scenes, he appeared to have what look like track marks on his arm. If this is the case, it's no wonder Maci was getting so worked up, right?

10. Off to Rehab

Off to Rehab
Either way, Ryan went to rehab pretty much immediately after that trainwreck of a wedding. He spent a few weeks there, and ever since, both he and Mackenzie claim he's been clean and sober.

11. Oh, Ryan ...

Oh, Ryan ...
Sure, Ryan had a different scandal after rehab, one that involved him sending dick pics to girls on Tinder and asking them to meet him at the Food City off Highway 58 for sex, but hey, no drugs!

12. Custody Issues?

Custody Issues?
But still, even though he's apparently doing much better these days, he still has some issues with Maci, and Maci still has some issues with allowing him to see Bentley. And that's where this brand new Teen Mom OG sneak peak comes in!

13. Looking Good!

Looking Good!
First of all, judging by this clip, Ryan really does seem to be so much healthier! He's gained a little bit of weight, his eyes look normal, he's not slurring. He's actually making sense when he talks. It's wonderful to see.

14. Adorable!

They're filming at Ryan's house, where he and Mackenzie are getting ready to take her son, Hudson, out on the boat. Spoiler: Hudson is PRECIOUS.

15. The Dress!

The Dress!
Mackenzie tells him that she's found the dress she wants to wear to their second wedding, the one that took place last weekend, and he seems about as excited as your average dude would be hearing about wedding dresses. It's actually a normal, pleasant conversation, which we haven't seen from Ryan in a long time.

16. And There It Is ...

And There It Is ...
Then, in the middle of this nice little talk, Ryan reveals that he took a drug test, one that tests the hair follicles, while she was gone shopping, "just to see what happens, see if I can pass one yet or not." Unfortunately, he says that he doesn't have his hopes up that he can pass, because drugs do linger in your hair for a while.

17. Can He Do It?!

Can He Do It?!
Mackenzie asks him how long it takes to pass that kind of drug test -- he tells her that you're supposed to be able to pass it "90 to 180 days" after quitting the drugs, but he's always heard it could take up to a year.

18. All for Bentley

All for Bentley
He's obviously anxious to get the results back, and then he reveals why -- because apparently he needs to pass a drug test before he can see Bentley. "I'm just so tired of waiting to see Bentley," he tells Mackenzie. And the weird part? It really does look like he can't wait to see Bentley!

19. Ryan Edwards: Unable to See Bentley Until He Passes Drug Test!

Did Ryan finally turn over a new leaf? Is he going to become a better father now? Can he pass his drug test? Guess we're just going to have to wait for the new season of Teen Mom OG to find out!

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