Scheana Marie: Caught Cheating on Rob Valletta?!

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If you've been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, then you know that Scheana Marie has had one thing and one thing only on her mind.

Yes, Scheana's obsession with Robert Valletta is matched only by his obvious indifference toward her.

Scheana Shay and Robert Valletta in Amsterdam

Someone should edit all their scenes together to make an instructional video on how to tell when a guy's just not that into you.

Despite the fact that Scheana recently got divorced and Rob speaks exclusively in inspirational meme-style cliches, she's absolutely head over heels for him.

Or at least she was at the time the show was filmed.

These days, Scheana and Rob are broken up, and both have been tight-lipped with regards to the exact reasons for their split.

The consensus among fans is that the rumors about Rob cheating on Scheana turned out to be true, and she finally came to her senses and cut him loose.

But if there's any truth to the latest rumor about Scheana, then Rob might not have been the only one engaging in shady shenanigans.

Scheana Shay & Robert Valletta on Instagram

Summer House is the Bravo snooze-fest that for some reason is categorized as a Vanderpump spin-off.

(You almost have to admire the show's shamelessness in trying to piggyback on the success of VPR.)

We've seen the two casts spend time together, and apparently, they've been known to hang out off camera, too.

So what does all of this have to do with Scheana and Rob's relationship?

Well, it seems Summer House Stephen McGee and Carl Radke are no longer friends, and Stephen has decided to burn that bridge by calling out Carl's affair with Scheana. 

“Can I just tell you something? Carl f-cked Scheana," McGee blurted out during a recent podcast interview.

Scheana Shay and Robert Valletta

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that. I can’t believe I said that," he added sarcastically.

Asked about the timing, Carl added, "This was in early December."

Vanderpump fans have been quick to point out that Scheana announced her separation from Rob in early December.

So either there was some overlap there, or Scheana moved on from Valletta in a flash.

Hopefully, she realized she banged Carl as revenge for months of listening to Rob's lame-ass bumper sticker slogans.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up on what's already been one hell of a drama-packed season.

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