Jax Taylor: I Knew Scheana Marie Would Get Divorced!

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On many, if not most reality shows, the drama comes off as staged and carefully scripted for the sake of the audience.

Of course, the reason we get that impression, is because that's usually, quite literally the case.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, however, you probably gets the impression that the employees and ex-employee of SUR would be guzzling pump-tinis and making entertainingly bad decisions even there were no camera crews on hand.

Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Cast Photo

As with Jersey Shore before it, the show often reaches a sort of fever-pitch insanity that's nearly impossible to fake.

And while we know some of the cast members are sitting on a stack of headshots and maybe even a few IMDb credits, we seriously doubt they're that good at acting.

Adding to our belief that the Vanderpump keeps it realer than most (every reality series takes some liberties with actual events) is the fact that the conflicts don't end when the cameras turn off.

Just this month we've seen Stassi Schroeder slam Lala Kent on Twitter, clash with Kristen Doute over whether or not it's okay to praise Melania Trump's fashion choices, and defend Brittany Cartwright's mother after felt to many fans like an unsettlingly homophobic episode.

Jax on Vanderpump

But today's clash of the SUR staff doesn't involve Stassi at all, and instead pits Jax Taylor against the former Scheana Marie Shay.

As you may have hears Scheana recently got divorced from Mike Shay after less than two years of marriage.

That particular drama hasn't even played out on the show yet, but naturally, her castmates are already offering their opinions.

“I think she just loved the idea of marriage so much that she just wanted to get married when there were so many red flags,” Jax recently told The Daily Dish in a surprisingly blunt assessment of the situation.

“She was in love, she wanted to get married, she thought [marrying] her high school sweetheart would be the thing to do, and it wasn’t.”

Jax Taylor on a Red Carpet

He was equally frank when asked if he thought the marriage would last:

“I thought it would happen sooner,” he added.

“I kind of knew that Scheana and Shay was gonna end. I hate to say that because I love Scheana very much, and I do, I love Shay, I think he’s a great guy, but [they were] just polar opposite.”

Jax is making the same observation that many others have voiced with regard to Sheana and Shay's clashing type-A vs. type-B personalities, and he seems to be more concerned with giving his honest two cents than with throwing shade.

Mike and Scheana Shay

The same can't be said for Internet hack comic Nicole Arbour who talks smack about Scheana like it's her job these days, which in a way it is, as it's basically her last-ditch effort at remaining relevant.

Like we said, the drama never stops with this crew.

And we wouldn't want it any other way...

Okay, we'd get rid of Arbour, but that's it.

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