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It can be tough to keep track of all the romantic comings and goings on Vanderpump Rules.

There are couples who have broken up, couples who should have broken up, and then there’s something in between…

It seems Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta currently find themselves in that third category.

Scheana Shay & Robert Valletta on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Scheana and Robert began dating at the beginning of this year, but Vanderpump viewers just met Valletta on last week’s season six premiere.

The debut should have served as a sort of national coming out party for the happy couple, but there was one major snafu.

Just days before the episode aired, it was announced that Scheana and Robert had broken up.

The news was not entirely unexpected, as Robert and Scheana seemed to rush right into a relationship before she’d had time to fully process her divorce.

Those who know the SUR server best say they felt she was not looking for a boyfriend, but instead "another husband."

So Scheana’s friends were likely somewhat relieved when she and Rob called it quits–and they’re probably a bit concerned by news that the breakup is not entirely a done deal:

Scheana Shay and Robert Valletta in Amsterdam
Photo via Instagram

“They kind of broke up and they kind of didn’t,” a source tells Us Weekly.

“They are still talking. Their schedules have been tricky. When he’s in town they act like a couple. They are in between broken up and still on.”

In an interview with the tabloid, Scheana confirmed that she and Rob decided to take it easy, due largely to the fact that she’ll be spending most of the next few months in Vegas, performing in the stage show Sex Tips For Straight Women From a Gay Man.

“You’ll see a lot of me with Rob on the show, probably not a lot outside of that, because we’re not together right now,” Marie told Us.

“We’re still friends, we’re good, just timing-wise with where our careers are both at right now, it’s not a good time for a relationship, which we both agreed on. I’m moving to Vegas next week for four to six months.”

“We’re just friends right now. We tried the friends with benefits thing, but it’s hard.”

Scheana Shay and Robert Valletta
Photo via Instagram

Shoutout to Scheana for the unintentional innuendo!

Marie says the transition from official couple to whatever they are now hasn’t been easy, but it seems they’ve been through this before … both in this life, and in others:

“I know. I’m still confused sometimes,” Scheana said.

“But now that it is so close to the time that I’m moving, I know that it is best to just be friends for now. We’ve done it before, we can do it again. He’s been in my life for like 12 years now.

"Apparently, I just found out from a psychic, that we’ve been together in past lives before. We have some karmic connection that keeps bringing us back together.”

Damn, we had so much sympathy for the girl until she started in with the psychic-babble.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more on Scheana and Rob’s short-lived romance.