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Kylie Jenner … well, she’s going through a lot right now, bless her heart.

Just think: she’s only 20 years old, she’s outrageously rich and famous, and she’s expecting her first child.

Kylie Jenner and Red Lips

She’s always said that she wanted to be a mother, but she is starting a bit young, right?

She could have had years of living it up in luxury, doing all kinds of dumb stuff, but instead she got pregnant at 19 — remember, her birthday was in August, and at that point she was already pregnant.

To add another weird layer on top of all of this, it’s not even like she’s having a baby with a guy she’s in a stable relationship with.

Nope, instead she’s got Travis Scott, a guy she’d been dating for a couple of months (at most) when he impregnated her — and a guy who doesn’t seem all that psyched to become a dad.

It’s a lot, right?

Kylie Jenner Baby Name: What Could It Be?

And so it sort of makes sense why she’s hidden herself away for all these months.

She’s reportedly not into the way her body looks right now, and she doesn’t want anyone to see or photograph her in this state. She’s also certainly aware of what a ruckus a Kylie sighting would be right now.

We really don’t blame her for wanting to stay away from paparazzi at the moment, because let’s be real, it could be a legitimate health hazard.

But according to a new report from Radar Online, Kylie is apparently so intent on not being seen that she’s refusing to see Kim Kardashian’s brand new baby.

The nerve!

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Boobs Pic

"Kylie has no plans to see the baby," a source claims.

"She’s really tired of having to stay inside all the time, but she cannot bare to go out into the world and have photos taken of her looking like this."

Kylie. Kylie, honey. No.

We get that she’s self conscious and all that, but where’s the line?

She does realize that whatever weight she’s gained is totally normal, right? And that it won’t magically fall off the second she delivers the baby?

Kylie Jenner While Pregnant

Her sisters have always gotten back into shape astonishingly quickly after having their children, so we can’t imagine Kylie will be any different.

Why wouldn’t she want to get all the fawning that comes with pregnancy, as well as the awe that comes with that stupid quick snapback?

Also, like … she has a new niece? Is her image really more important than her family?

Right now, it seems like it.

The source says that Kylie is "thankful that Kim’s baby took the attention off of her for a second."

Kylie Jenner on Her Side

Not thankful that the baby is healthy and that Kim is very happy to have a third child? Got it.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Kylie’s remarkable hiding skills, you know that photo that’s been floating around of a pregnant woman at a CVS in L.A.? The one everyone thinks is of Kylie?

Yeah, it’s not.

TMZ confirms that the woman is actually just someone who kind of looks a little bit like Kylie, and that the girl herself "almost never leaves her house."

Kylie, baby … are you gonna be OK?