Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Welcome Baby Girl Via Surrogate!

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The First Family of Reality TV's baby boom has begun: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially welcomed their third child!

Their healthy baby girl was born to a surrogate Monday.

Kimye at Home

The surrogate gave birth Monday to the child, who weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz., according to TMZ, which broke the story moments ago.

The reality star and rapper used a surrogate to have a third biological child because she has a condition known as placenta accreta.

That life-threatening condition led to major complications during the birth of her second child, Saint, and made a third pregnancy unwise.

The surrogate lives in the San Diego area; It's unclear if she gave birth there or at Cedars-Sinai in L.A., or somewhere else in the area.

UPDATE: The birth indeed took place at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., where the couple's first two children were born.

A Saint and His Mom

Kim was there while the surrogate was in labor and, after the baby was born, was the first person to have skin-to-skin contact.

'Ye was in the delivery room, but behind a curtain. After the child was born, he came in to hold his daughter for the first time.

Kris Jenner and Kim's sisters (it's not clear which ones made it) were also present at the hospital, but not in the delivery room.

The surrogate was able to have some contact with the baby, but the child was under the care of Kimye almost immediately.

Dr. Paul Crane, a familiar name and face to those who keep up with the Kardashians, was the one who delivered the baby.

Kim, Kanye, Kids

From what we know, which isn't much (they've kept this very private) Kimye's surrogate is a married black woman in her 20s.

The surrogate's husband is also in his 20s, and they've been married for five years. They also have a family of their own right now!

She is a college graduate with two young sons, so she was familiar with pregnancy, childbirth and the process she just went through.

Pretty much the perfect surrogate, in other words.

Kim kept the entire process under wraps, as we said, though she did reveal that she was having a girl late last year to Ellen DeGeneres.

Kimye Smiling!

Kardashian explained to the talk show host that her first-born child North kept referring to the impending baby as her "Sister."

“My daughter thinks she’s tricky,” Kim said, explaining why she had a baby shower even though it's her third and she wasn't pregnant.

"I thought, 'I really do want to have a baby shower because I want [North] to feel that something’s coming and for her to really understand it.'

“So, people brought toys and gifts and [North] was opening them up the next day," Kim recalled, adding that North offered to "help," saying:

"'Mom, since Baby Sister’s not here, I think I need all of her toys in my room and play with them and make sure they’re all okay for Baby Sister.'”

Kimye in 2017

Hey, someone's gotta do the hard work, right?

One thing Kim won't reveal is what's going on with Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy, or Kylie's, saying that's for her sisters to tell.

Or not, depending on how they feel about it.

“I’m going to break it down," Kim said. 

"There are lots of rumors. We have these family group chats and we threaten each others’ lives if we speak for the other one."

"So we just decided that since there’s so much that goes on, we will all respect each other’s right to speak for themselves."

With that said, "I will speak for myself and hopefully they can come on and address whatever rumors you might have.”

That's more than fair and even admirable.

Even though they're such a famously close family, they're still individuals with different situations, and in this case, their own journeys.

Particularly in the case of Kylie, she seems to want to handle this her own way, so it's wise of Kim to respect and honor that.

All we have to add is congratulations to Kim, Kanye and their entire family on the joyous birth of their new baby girl this week!

We'll have more information for you about it when that becomes available, though they've kept it very much on the DL so far.

Can't blame them for that. It's a good thing.

As for what Kim and Kanye will name #3?

No word on that yet, but we can tell you that they have their work cut out for them after setting the bar where they have at this point.

North West. How do you top naming your child something as epic as a direction? With a Saint. What a baller name right there.

Where do you go from there, though?!

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