Kylie Jenner: Feuding with Kim Kardashian, Desperate for Attention?!

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Oh, that Kylie Jenner and all of her wild and crazy antics!

She'll never stop, will she?

Kylie Goes Metallic

This time last year, we had a good time poking fun at Kylie for her ways.

Her sincere love for taking selfies and filming herself in all those pointless Snapchat videos, the way she never really seemed to be able to understand anything beyond her own limited point of view.

Like, remember that little reality show she had last summer? And how completely unaware she was of how self-centered she looked?

That used to be fun and all, but now that we know that Kylie is going to be a mother soon ... well, it's not all that fun anymore.

Maybe it's because of the way she began refusing to step outside the minute she started showing, or maybe it's all the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner While Pregnant

But we've been feeling mighty concerned about how this whole thing is going to turn out.

And if there's any truth to this new report about Kylie and how she's handling Kim Kardashian's new baby, then we'll be more concerned than ever.

As a source explains to Radar Online, Kris Jenner, the OG momager herself, "is stuck in between caring for Kylie, who is moody and pregnant, and Kim, who she really wants to spend time with right now to be there for her new granddaughter."

"And she is stressed out!"

The issue is that Kim apparently "really needs her mom right now more than ever because Kris has a solution for everything and knows how to raise a baby better than anyone."

Kim Kardashian in Tight Dress

But meanwhile, "Kylie is through being pregnant and she wants her mom to be accessible to her at all times, which she has been up until this week."

... Kylie, baby, no.

It's definitely understandable that she's feeling vulnerable and moody right now.

After all, she's 20 years old, heavily pregnant, and her boyfriend hasn't been around all that much.

But at some point, you've got to try to fight through the hormones and all that mess to realize there are other people in the world, right?

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump?

Another layer to this whole thing is that "Kylie and Kim's relationship was already on the rocks before all of this because Kim is super jealous of the fact that Kylie is the youngest and now the richest in the entire family."

That doesn't seem right, does it? That Kylie has more money than Kim?

But with her insanely successful cosmetics company, we guess it could be true.

And speaking of the cosmetics business ...

This source also claims that Kylie "resents Kim because she believes she intentionally tried to steal her makeup gig."

Oh, because makeup was a completely random thing for the Kardashian/Jenner girls to get into? It was a totally creative, unique choice Kylie made?

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner


Thankfully, the source adds that "It is turning out to not be as big of a deal as Kylie thought because her sales have not been impacted by Kim's new line."

Really, it just sounds like Kylie is kind of freaking out right now and lashing out at anyone and everyone for whatever reason crosses her mind.

And again, that's understandable, given the circumstances, but ... come on, Kylie.

Get it together, just a little.

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