Kylie Jenner Continues to Whine Her Way Through Her Reality Show

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Kylie Jenner has had an interesting little career path, hasn't she?

She became famous at a young age when her older sisters landed the family their very own reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kylie Jenner in a Skimpy Black Top

As she grew older, she got more and more popular, eventually creating a following of her very own.

That following allowed her to get her own interviews and photo shoots, and eventually to build her own makeup empire.

This year, Kylie got so big that the powers that be thought it would be a good idea to give her her very own TV show, Life of Kylie.

But, as the episodes continue to air, it seems like the idea wasn't as good as those people thought it was.

And that's because a full show of nothing but Kylie is damn near unbearable.

In every single episode, we've seen her whine about something -- she's lamented the fact that she never got to go to prom because she's too famous, she complained about people copying her look because she's too famous.

Basically, Kylie is just too popular and too rich, and it's really, really hard.

Life of Kylie Interview Pic

In this sneak peek for the upcoming episode of the show, we see Kylie off to a fancy dinner with her mother, Kris Jenner, some friends, and a few other people.

From the beginning, she's pouting like a small child -- and it's not too long before she makes it clear what her issue is.

Someone from the restaurant explains one of their dishes to them: a dip made of "yellow cheese and the alpaca's heart."

Kris, always the professional, praises the food while Kylie prepares a great big fit.

"I just need some f-cking spaghetti," she complains, her head in her hands.

When no one responds, she tells Kris "Mom, I am really hungry."

Kylie Jenner Complains on Life of Kylie

Yes, this is a 20-year-old woman behaving like this.

When Kris doesn't seem too concerned, she adds "I mean, I just don't really think this is gonna fill me up."

Poor Kylie's pain still isn't acknowledged by her mother though, so she feels the need to continue explaining her suffering.

"No, Mom, the last thing I had was chips and guacamole on the plane," she says.

Kris, meanwhile, is trying to focus on the very fancy, very expensive meal that someone took the time to prepare for them.

Off to the camera, her friend Jordyn explains that when Kylie hasn't eaten, "she's not Kylie. She's a monster."

Kylie Jenner, All Sweet and Innocent

Back at the restaurant, Kylie exclaims "I need a meal!"

"Well, we can't leave right now," Kris explains to her. "Play ball, kid."

Seriously, why is it so hard for Kylie -- who, again, is an adult -- to just chill and act like a decent, reasonable human being until she can pick up some fast food or something?

Or why couldn't she have just planned things out a little better and picked up a snack if she knew she was going to a restaurant she wouldn't really enjoy?

Watch Kylie in all her petulant glory in the video below:

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