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It wasn’t that long ago that we openly wondered if Adam Hicks was the next big Disney star.

Hicks was one of the stars of Lemonade Mouth. His costar Hayley Kiyoko is now a successful singer and an LGBT icon. His costar Naomi Scott is a successful actress, playing a Power Ranger in the 2017 film and playing Princess Jasmine in Disney’s new live-action Aladdin.

Adam Hicks, however, has been arrested — for suspicion of committing a string of armed robberies.

Adam Hicks

25-year-old former Disney star Adam Hicks and a 23-year-old reported to be his girlfriend, Danni Tamburo, have been arrested.

Police believe that the couple committed a series of armed robberies in Burbank, California.

The couple were picked up on Wednesday. Bail for each of them has been set at $350,000.

On Thursday, Sgt. Derek Green of Burbank Police told EW that Adam Hicks "was arrested yesterday afternoon in connection with a string of armed street robberies that occurred yesterday morning."

Adam Hicks, Pic

Reportedly, a 52-year-old man was walking in Burbank when he was accosted by "a male armed with a handgun," who demanded the man’s wallet.

Police believe that this armed man was Adam Hicks.

The victim got away safely.

But the armed robber wasn’t done. There were three more armed robberies within the same area, which apparently took place while police were investigating the first one.

That’s a lot of gun-pointing and money-stealing in a very brief window of time.

Adam Hicks, Photo

In case you’re wondering what role Danni Tamburo is meant to have played in all of this, police believe that she was driving the vehicle during the robberies.

Based upon the statements from investigators, it sounds like Tamburo drove up on people who were walking alone, Hicks got out and robbed them at gunpoint, and then Hicks jumped back into the car and they drove off in search of the next victim.

That is, again, based upon what police have revealed. It’s all allegations at the moment. But also serious allegations.

Police identified the suspects through their car (a dark-colored Kia, which I would never be able to identify which would make me a terrible witness to a crime) and, once they found the vehicle, that led them to further evidence.

"Officers found property with the vehicle belonging to one of the robbery victims, and additional stolen property in a nearby area."

Adam Hicks, Picture

Normally, when we talk about Disney stars "gone bad," people are talking about a few different things.

-Someone who’s developed behavioral problems or perhaps psychiatric issues and might be drinking too much or breaking minor laws.

-Someone who’s a grown adult and no longer dressing like a grown adult and therefore people are shaming that actress for having a body and perhaps even having a sex life.

-Someone who finds religion in a very impolite way, and turns their back on everything and everyone who got them to where they are in the world and also on their fans because their love for Scientology or Jesus or Buddhism now somehow makes them hate everything else.

-Somebody who’s just being rowdy and entitled and a prima donna because they were a big star in their tweens.

What Adam Hicks is accused of doing is … something of an outlier.

Adam Hicks, Image

Armed robberies by former actors happen, but they’re usually years and years after that person last acted.

(A whole bunch of former Power Rangers actors have ended up dead or in prison, to the point where people joke about there having been a curse)

But Adam Hicks is still on a show, Freakish. It’s a Hulu original and the second season premiered … three months ago.

Some shows pay better than others, but why and how is he so hard up for cash that he’s allegedly robbing people when he’s unlikely to make more than a few hundred dollars off of it?

We have to imagine that there’s more to this than we know.