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Poor Farrah Abraham, right?

Such a bright, beautiful star that’s been so held down by the hate crimes of others …

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At least in her own mind, that’s the case.

Farrah … well, for the past few months, she hasn’t exactly seemed like the most stable person in the world.

It started a little bit before that whole mess where she got fired from Teen Mom OG — remember, she started going on more rants and filming those cam girl shows sometime in the early fall.

But in October, when the firing happened?

Boy, that really escalated the situation.

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It was hard to get a straight story, because Farrah is incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence, but from what we gathered, the production company that films the show let her go because of her decision to go back to adult entertainment.

Now, thanks to the show itself, we’re finally figuring out exactly what happened.

And it sure is wild.

MTV has been promoting Farrah’s firing since they began promoting the new season, and last night, they shared a sneak peek from next week’s episode, which is apparently the episode where everything goes down.

In the short little clip, executive producer Morgan J. Freeman talks to Farrah and tells her that out of all the moms on both shows, she’s "the only one that’s a problem."

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She actually looks at him with a straight face and says "I’m not difficult," and then Morgan pretty much makes the same incredulous noise we’d all make if we heard her say that.

She posted the little sneak peek to her Instagram account, and along with it, she shared one of her ridiculous rants.

Hold on tight, because this is Farrah at her wackiest.

"Never apologize for being an ambitious, confident, and strong minded woman," she began.

"As I become the best Farrah I can be, I won’t let a man or network be little me, try to break me, lie about who I am to my core, I’m bullied, surrounded & hurt by all the manipulation, I no longer will allow as a protective mother this vulgar behavior, these crews aren’t trust worthy this ‘mtv family’ is a disgusting gang of power tripping failed producers & executives who have failed."

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… Wow.

There’s a lot to unpack already, and she’s not even close to done, but real quick, how rich is it that she, "as a protective mother," will no longer allow "this vulgar behavior"?

Wasn’t it just like a month ago that she used her daughter’s Twitter account to promote some porn?

Anyway, next she thanked MTV "for canceling my dating show, purposely provoking made up hate to try to limit my episodes your actions have consequences like teen mom should have made you aware."

In what will surely become an iconic Farrah quote, she added "I am the moment, the best story line, the Best Farrah I can be, and it’s disgusting, horrible that Viacom, Larry, Morgan & cast members over the 10 years I’ve worked with them always plot, schemes, spew their false, jealousy, hateful, discrimination & harass someone for their sexual freedoms."

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I am the moment. I am the moment.

Poor victimized Farrah wrote that she would no longer be allowing her family to be involved with Teen Mom, and that "it’s sad producers ruin their top leading networks show because they let their ego, politics, hate, discrimination & horrible sexual harassment behavior ruin a show."

She then took some time to brag on herself some more, calling herself "the 1 out of 10 teen mom who over came the struggles & difficulties and excel."

"My brand has Out shined the Teen Mom brand I’m not glamorizing teen pregnancy my brand and who I am is fashionable, with class, makeup etc, this is how I was raised & if that’s Glamorous then let it be!"

She also added that she’s outgrown the show and she’s moving on because of its "horrible producing, not safe for my childs environments, unlawful ethics and companies, depression, etc."

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back

"I don’t conduct myself like Viacom’s horrible, disgusting ethics & I certainly am raising my daughter to treat people better then MTV’s horrible behavior, our next generation should learn to love humans & treat each other with kindness."

Then, fittingly, she closed out her rant with "Thanks Be To God."

So that’s fun!

It’s obvious that Farrah is still very, very bothered by what happened, and thanks to this madness, it’s now obvious that she was fired not only because of the porn stuff, but also because of her terrible attitude.

Finally, some justice in this world.

Will you be tuning in next week to see Farrah get fired?!