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Audrey Roloff absolutely, positively, totally and completely loves her daughter.

On this question, we have no doubt.

Just read all the Little People, Big World star has to say about her first child and you won’t wonder about her unparalleled affection, either.

Ember as Spokeswoman

Nevertheless, an intriguing debate has been ignited over the Internet and how Audrey sometimes talks about young Ember.

Or, to be more specific, about how Audrey talks about her business and how it pertains to young Ember.

As much as almost anyone on the World Wide Web, Roloff is an open book. She candidly discusses her faith and her family on a frequent basis via Instagram.

We very much appreciate this honesty; recently, however, Audrey has tied in these messages about religion and about her daughter with pleas to purchase her products.

In THIS POST, for instance, she gushes about God and all He means to her… and then suggests readers buy a certain weekly planner from a company that likely paid her to make this suggestion.

That’s a bit… tacky, right?

A bit untoward? A bit inappropriate? A bit counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Ember at 4 Months

And now Audrey has sort of done the same thing with Ember Jean.

First, the reality star posted the adorable snapshot of her four-month old that we also posted at the outset of this article.

Then, Audrey wrote a caption alongside the image that she admitted right up front was a "Giveaway."

Proceeding to tag her online store’s Instagram account, Roloff wrote the following:

I’ve had sooooo many of you ask me about the @snuggle_me_organic lounger. It is hands down one of our absolute favorite baby products.

It’s soooo soft, organic, and mimics being held – so Ember LOVES it.

I’ve teamed up with Snuggle Me and some other rad mamas to give you a chance to win one of SIX Snuggle Me Organic Baby Bundles (lounger, 2 covers and puddle pad). Follow the Snuggle Me babies!

Head to each mamas account to see each different babe in their own lounger!

Audrey Roloff, Ember Jean, Jeremy Roloff

Some folks, of course, will say this is harmless. 

They’d even applaud Audrey for trying to earn a living, for being an entrepreneur and simply attempting to make some money with which she’ll support her family.

Others, however, may counter that this is the type of thing we’d expect to see from Kim Kardashian or Kris Jenner.

That’s the criticism those stars often receive, right? That they exploit their kids for profit and attention?

Is that really all that different from what Audrey is doing here?

Or from what she also did recently when she combined marital advice with self-promotion?

Some Ember Snuggles

As you can see above, rarely does Audrey share a picture that doesn’t include either her, her baby or both wearing one of Roloff’s "Always More" shirts.

Is she doing anything wrong in these instances?

Or is she doing everything right by making a living?

It really is an interesting debate, don’t you think?

Click through many precious photos of Ember below while you ponder it…