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If you follow Bella Thorne on Instagram, you may feel that you know just about everything about the actress’ life.

Bella exposes herself in more ways than one on social media, and her candor has no doubt helped her amass a following of 17 million on Instagram.

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(Of course, the frequent Bella bikini selfies probably don’t hurt her popularity, either.)

Yes, for better or worse, Bella bares all on Instagram and Snapchat.

Fans get to live vicariously through one of Hollywood’s most captivating young stars, but they also have to cringe in horror when she tweets about traffic delays caused by mudsalides that claimed lives and destroyed homes.

The point is, Bella generally doesn’t keep many secrets from her fans.

But she may be playing coy on the latest major development in her life.

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Bella is currently dating Mod Sun, a 30-year-old whose Wikipedia page describes him as a "rapper and poet."

We’ll give you a moment to get all of the groans and eye-rolls out of your system.

Bella posted the above photo of Mod (we can’t with that name) kissing her belly on Snapchat, and it’s led fans to jump to some obvious, but still pretty wild conclusions.

Yes, many are convinced that Bella is pregnant, and the assumption is based on more than just that photo.

Thorne recently gave Sun a shoutout for joining her at Sundance, and his reply is raising eyebrows all across the internet:

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"Thank you for taking off some days to come to Sundance baby," Bella wrote on IG.

"Love u mamma," Mod replied in the comments.

We’ll give you a moment to suppress the involuntary gagging that occurs when a dude in his thirties calls a girl who’s not yet drinking age "mamma."

Normally, the pet name would draw attention merely because it’s kinda gross, but in the wake of that scandalous snap, it’s got fans Bella’s got a baby on board.

Our guess is that she’s probably not expecting, but we’ll admit it’s a bit curious that she hasn’t come out and denied the rumors yet.

Of course, you don’t get to 17 million followers by avoiding drama.