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If a pretty woman posts photos of herself on social media, a lot of people are going to come out of the woodwork and give her their opinions on her boobs. It’s not fair, but that’s how it is.

It’s rare, however, for a woman to actually ask for the opinions that random strangers might have about her breasts.

But that’s what Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is doing — asking if her fans think that she should get a boobjob.

Scheana Marie Shay Bikini Pic

One would think that Scheana Marie, if she really needs opinions on her breasts, would just ask Robert Valletta.

After all, they’re broken up but they’re still banging.

You don’t have to crowdsource your boob assessments when you can pick the brain of somebody with plenty of hands-on experience.

But, for whatever the reason, Scheana decided to poll her fans.


Posting the photo that you’ll see below, in which she models lingerie, Scheana poses a question for her followers:

“To get boobs or not? That is the question …”

She followed that by a contemplative or thinking face emoji, a woman emoji, and a woman symbol (Venus) emoji.

And here’s the photo that she selected to accompany her query:

Scheana Marie, IG Photo

She looks gorgeous, of course.

But we’d point out that she’s not exactly posed in a way that would emphasize her breasts.

They’re very apparently there but we all know that torso features are minimized when you lay back and arch your back.

Honestly, you get a better look at her bust in the video where she strips down for PETA wearing only body paint.

Getting painted to look like an orca obscures a lot, but it sure doesn’t hide much.

Scheana Shay, Nude in Body Paint

Interestingly, Scheana has been accused in the past of having gotten a boob job.

During a 2015 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Scheana looked particularly busty, and rumors started flying that she’d gotten breast implants.

Scheana tweeted her response to the rumor at the time:

“I’m not against it whatsoever I just don’t have them lol. If I did I’d say I did.”

We believe that — if Scheana gets breast implants, she’ll tell us all. She’s, well, not a shy person.

Her perceived bustiness on WWHL was probably makeup (the right cleavage airbrushing can make mountains out of molehills, if you catch our meaning) or a really effective bra.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not Scheana should get breast implants can’t be answered by fans or boyfriend or exes or followers.

Only Scheana can answer that question. It’s her body, and she’s the one who lives in it.

Now, if she’s asking if she needs implants … of course not.

If Scheana wants them, that’s fine, but she obviously looks great just the way that she is. Some people like large boobs or small boobs or medium boobs, and, for anyone, getting implants (or a reduction) is likely to deter just as many people as it will attract.

For what it’s worth, most comments encouraged the Vanderpump Rules star to embrace her body for how it is, though there were a few who very vocally wanted to see her look a little more “top-heavy.”

Scheana should do whatever will make her the happiest. Just like when she split from Mike Shay.