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Paris Jackson has gained a reputation for sharing unexpected photos.

We didn’t expect her to show off her sideboob tattoo while hugging a tree, for instance.

But now the daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson has truly taken the Internet by surprise, taking to Instagram on Christmas Day and posting a picture of…



Indeed, it’s the rarest of rare occasions on which we get to see the 15-year old third child of Jackson, as he typically shuns the spotlight and attempts to live a normal life.

As normal a life as possible for someone commonly referred to as "Blanket," that is.

The last time we saw Blanket was back in April when Paris posted a Snapchat update on her sibling, giving us a look at Blanket just chilling with some friends.

For the record, the identity of Blanket biological mother (a surrogate) remains unknown.

But we do know that Blanket was seven years old when his father died on June 25, 2009.

And we also know he hasn’t always been so close to Paris or other members of his famous, occasionally controversial family.

Paris Jackson, Wild Hair
Photo via Instagram

The source of Paris’ beef in the past actually centered around the treatment of her younger brother, specifically by grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has been accused of neglecting poor Blanket.

In October, questions abounded over whether Blanket had been left without a guardian.

Only in high school, the teenager is in need of, you know, someone to actually care for him.

And while Katherine had been placed in legal charge of her grandson, she’s 87 years old and spends a chunk of her time in London.

According to E! News, Katherine has basically retired from caring for Blanket, fearing that she’s no longer up to the task.

As a result, Blanket’s Aunt Rebbie and Uncle T.J. have assumed the bulk of the child-rearing responsibilities.

Blanket Jackson, aka Bigi
Photo via WENN

But fans are understandably concerned.

We therefore appreciate Paris providing Instagram followers with this quick update, even if she only wrote "happy christmas from ours to yours #brahdas" as a caption.

That doesn’t reveal a great deal about Blanket’s well being.

That’s fine, though. We don’t need to know every detail of his life.

It’s probably better for the young man to enjoy as much privacy as he is able to. And we really do wish him the best.

Go ahead and click through the images below to see how Blanket and his siblings have grown over the years: