Farrah Abraham: Looking to "Connect" with People on Bumble!

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Even though Farrah Abraham thinks that Teen Mom is "too fake" to win a Critics Choice Award, she definitely has a higher opinion of herself than she does of the franchise that made her famous.

Farrah Abraham tells you exactly what she thinks of herself on her profile on this new app for "connecting" people.

Honestly, her self-description is wild.

Farrah Abraham Lingerie

And Farrah also describes the sorts of people with whom she's looking to "connect." But she claims that she's not trying to hook up or date. Sure.

Radar Online interviewed Farrah and got a hold of her Bumble profile.

"International celebrity, Teen Mom on MTV, business mogul, New York Times best selling author, Advocate for safe contraception, Owner/Founder Furnished By Farrah, Froco, Sophia Laurent."

These are so much to absorb, so let's go through them item-by-item, okay? 

"International celebrity."

Technically? Sure. You can be an international celeb without being A-List. Or B-List. Or C-List.

"Teen Mom on MTV."

Farrah Abraham Models Lingerie With a Horse

So she's having fun bashing MTV at every opportunity, but she's clearly not above dropping the name of the successful franchise that made her the woman she is today.

"Business mogul."

A mogul is defined as an important or powerful person, which is not how we would describe Farrah Abraham in our wildest dreams or most twisted nightmares.

The rest of that? Fine, we'll give it to her.

But Farrah's profile has more to say.

This time, it's about the sorts of "connections" that she'd like to make.

"Love to connect with smart, intelligent, creative, and open-minded people."

Farrah Photograph

Is she looking for open-minded people who won't judge her for her sex work? Because that's fine.

Or is it Farrah Abraham's racist insults that she's hoping that people will accept?

Farrah also explained to Radar Online what her totally-non-horny purpose was for joining Bumble.

"I joined Bumble Business, but I see they have Bumble BFF and Bumble Dating."

We think that she's referring to Bumble Bizz. We can't bash the name, because a lot of people have done very serious networking on Twitter. An app's name needs to be memorable, not serious.

"I've only so far enjoyed the business events in Austin with other company owners and entrepreneur creative events."

Gee, you'd almost think that the whole interview might be some sort of elaborate product endorsement.

Farrah Abraham Walking the Street

(We're kidding -- that was clear from the start.)

"I have no time for dating right now."

Well, she's still sort of a Teen Mom OG star, she's an actual mom, she's starting a lingerie line, and she's doing endorsement deals like this shameless Bumble plug and also named ambassador for sexual positivity.

If Farrah's really using the app, she should know that -- though we can't speak for Bumble clientele -- a lot of the times, men who say that they're fine just being friends are actually lying.

It's easy to see some dude seeing that she's on, being curious about a (minor) celebrity, and stumbling across Farrah Abraham's camgirling adventures.

If he didn't have ideas before, he might start to come up with a few.

Not even Farrah deserves unwanted attention.

Though, again, we don't know that Farrah actually uses it. This sounded like a product endorsement, not a genuine confession.

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