Kendra Wilkinson: Farrah Abraham is Going DOWN After Racist Insults!

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Admittedly, conflict on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - Family Edition between Farrah Abraham and Kendra Wilkinson gets into, like, Alien vs Predator territory -- because no matter which one of them wins, the rest of us lose.

Except for the show's producers, because that kind of feud makes great television.

So naturally, even with Farrah Abraham under fire for yelling vile, racist things on the show, the aftermath of that conflict is going to be back on tonight's episode.

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2016 was a cursed year (let's all agree on that and just move on), but Farrah and Marriage Boot Camp costar Paula (Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's mom) were apparently determined to let it go out with a bang at what was supposed to be the show's New Years celebration.

And by bang, we definitely mean a huge explosive conflict.

At first, it just looked like Paula being all kinds of obnoxious and ranting for the "benefit" of her fellow costars.

You could see Kendra, like, staying very still and refusing to move or make eye contact.

Sorry, but Jurassic Park was wrong -- deranged ranting moms can still see you even if you don't move.

And that would have been that ... if Farrah hadn't exploded right back at Paula.

Complete with calling her a "f-cking disgusting black piece of sh-t."

And while that kind of vicious racist attack might not lose you too many voters in Trump's America, it sure got a rise out of Kendra Wilkinson.

Farrah on the Red Carpet

In general, white people should stand up to other white people when they're being racist.

But that's obviously even more of a big deal for Kendra.

Hank Baskett is black, and so is their son.

"This b-tch didn't just offend Paula," Kendra says in tonight's episode. "She offended my husband, and my kid, me -- you're going f-ckin' down, dude."

So it's personal (though, again, combating bigotry should be personal for everyone).

When one of the show's psychiatrists talks about how they "shut things down" -- sending Paula to cool off in a hotel for the night -- he talks about how the situation had grown unsafe.

He also talks about how one of the things that the show doesn't tolerate is "racially insensitive or intolerant comments."

Farrah gets wildly defensive -- because he's clearly talking about her -- and starts flipping the frick-frack out.

And then Kendra moves up to speak and is allowed to address the whole group.

Kendra Wilkinson, No Makeup

That's when the preview ends, so we don't know what Kendra will say.

We do know that Kendra has a history of getting super mad super fast.

Sure, the world isn't surprised that Farrah said something racist.

Farrah Abraham has a history of racism, after all.

And it's not just one incident of racism, either.

But it seems clear that Kendra wasn't expecting it.

She looks about as cool and collected as Kendra can be.

(So, not very much -- Kendra Wilkinson is generally just mad at the world)

But there's a decent chance that she might fly off the handle and damage her message in the process.

What's even more likely is that Farrah Abraham will have a response that will make her come across even worse.

It's gonna be a mess, is what we're saying.

Farrah Abraham Cleavage Selfie

It looks like, in terms of public opinion, Kendra's winning.

You might even say that Kendra's coming out on top.


But based on Farrah's recent retweets, it doesn't sound like she's learned her lesson or even realizes that she was in the wrong.

Like, Paula seems more than a little nuts, but you don't fight fire with fire.

(Unless we're talking literally and you're a firefighter who knows what you're doing).

And you certainly don't inflame the situation by taking an already nasty conflict and sprinkling some racism into the mix.

It'll be interesting to see how that gets addressed fully on tonight's episode.

And, honestly, even more interesting to see how the conflict between Kendra and Farrah develops.

Because it's already a little nuts.

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