Farrah Abraham: Was She Really Fired From Teen Mom OG? An Investigation

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Earlier this week, we reported that Farrah Abraham has been fired from Teen Mom: OG after seven seasons as one of the stars of MTV's flagship reality series.

The mother of one says she was let go as a result of her recent sex work, and indeed, the network was probably less than thrilled with Farrah masturbating on a live stream in front of thousands of viewers.

But that was just one of many reasons that the controversial reality-star-tuned-porn-star might have been cut loose by MTV.

Check out our full breakdown of the surprisingly complex feud between Mrs. Abraham and the network that made her famous:

1. Farrah Gets Fired

Farrah Gets Fired
On Tuesday, Farrah revealed that she'd been let go by MTV parent company Viacom. She blamed the decision on her recent sex work, writing on Instagram, "I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private."

2. Farrah's Sexcapades

Farrah's Sexcapades
Last month, Farrah launched a new business: She's been starring in live-streamed sex shows in which she masturbates for a paying audience. She believes that her latest revenue stream caused her to get fired.

3. Farrah and Sex Work: A Long-Standing Partnership

Farrah and Sex Work: A Long-Standing Partnership
As many have pointed out, Farrah has been cashing in on sex work for several years. In the past, she's worked as a porn star, a stripper, an erotic novelist, and even the "inspiration" for a line of sex toys.

4. So Why Now?

So Why Now?
Why would MTV decide to cut ties with one of its most popular stars when Farrah has been performing sex work for almost as long as she's been famous?

5. There Are Rumors...

There Are Rumors...
Many believe that Farrah's recent foray into the world of live sex streaming is just one of several reasons she got the axe from MTV.

6. That's Where River Zain Ceballos Comes In

That's Where River Zain Ceballos Comes In
River Zain Ceballos is an actor, model and activist who has worked with MTV in the past. He claims to have the low-down on the REAL reason Farrah was let go.

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