Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom is SO Fake!

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You know, it's starting to look like Farrah Abraham really was fired from Teen Mom OG

Because you don't normally bite the hand that pays you ... unless it's no longer paying you.

And Farrah is now singing the praises of a new reality series about pregnant teens ... and bashing Teen Mom in the process.

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It's still not entirely clear what went down behind the scenes, but Farrah Abraham ranted and raved to the world that she had been fired from Teen Mom OG in a "hate crimes" committed by MTV.

Farrah Abraham not knowing what a hate crime actually is and apparently thinking that it's just when someone does something that you don't like is ... not surprising.

It seemed that she was fired for her sex work -- specifically, for Farrah's adventures as a camgirl when she strips down and masturbates for paying viewers.

Apparently, that totally honest (and legal) work ruffled someone's feathers at MTV. But did they really just fire her over it?

Things only got more confusing when Farrah said that she wasn't actually fired, apparently after talking with someone at Viacom. So ... had someone at MTV told her that she was getting fired? And, if so, was it a lie?

Unfortunately, Farrah is not a clear source of information on anything except maybe what she looks like in lingerie.

Farrah Abraham Models Lingerie With a Horse

Whatever her situation, Farrah is now taking to Twitter heaping praise on a new reality series, Unexpected.

Farrah tweeted:

"Love Unexpected @TLC how honest and non scripted it is!! Honest story telling! @MTV needs to take notes their fake teen mom quality is not even credible to watch anymore.. OG real talk."

For some reason, when Farrahy says "fake teen mom" we hear it in the same tone as when Trump tweets about the "failing New York Times."

Not a flattering comparison for either of them, really. Trump would hate to be compared to a woman, and absolutely no one wants to be compared to Trump.

A fan tweeted (and was retweeted by Farrah):

"Farrah's right. Teen Mom is so unrealistic that people don't even know what being a teen mom is really like anymore. I hope this new show gets the message out better than MTV has."

There's no telling if that fan is sincere or if they were just agreeing with Farrah in the hopes of getting a shout-out.

Farrah Abraham, Blonde for Single AF

So, what's all the fuss about?

Unexpected follows three pregnant teen girls.

Yes, teen pregnancies are down among Millennials and Generation Z (both generations have members in high school at the moment), but there are still 15-year-old girls who get pregnant. Often because their schools and parents fail to educate them properly.

But there's a twist that sets Unexpected apart from Teen Mom:

All three girls' mothers were also teenage mothers.

(You might think that they'd have taken extra steps to impress upon their daughters how their lives were transformed by their pregnancies and how best to use birth control ... but maybe these moms still aren't making great life decisions)

Anyway, so there's extra emotional baggage attached to these girls and their situations.

And previews for the series have shown that, to no one's surprise, girls who get pregnant in high school don't always have the most realistic ideas about pregnancy, motherhood, or whether or not their baby daddies will stick around.

But whether or not it's really less scripted ... who can say?

We think that we know why Farrah's loving it, though. And there's more to it than spiting Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back

Remember Heather Walsh from Teen Mom OG?

She was fired from that show after breaking professionalism rules. Basically, because she became friends with Farrah Abraham and crossed some boundaries.

(Not sex boundaries, you perv, just platonic sleepovers that producers were told that they should not be doing)

Well, Heather is now a producer on Unexpected.

So it's no surprise to see Farrah Abraham praising her friend's show while bashing the show that (maybe) fired her.

To Farrah, that's two birds, one stone.

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