Farrah Abraham: MTV Tried to Ruin My Relationship with My Mother!

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Farrah Abraham has been so brave lately, right?

It must take a lot of strength to be able to stand up for yourself when hate crimes are being committed against you left and right.

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In case you missed it, our favorite Teen Mom train wreck spent much of last week ranting and raving about MTV and its parent company, Viacom, for what she repeatedly referred to as "hate crimes."

They fired her from Teen Mom OG for masturbating for the internet, and it seemed to really hurt her feelings.

She accused them of "women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behaviors against a professional hard working, honest mother."

A few days later, she revealed in a bizarre video rant that she actually wasn't fired, but that she was still really, really mad at Teen Mom producers.

She wasn't making much sense -- less than she usually does, even -- but the gist of it seemed to be that she misunderstood the conversation and that she was simply warned that she could be fired if she continued with the porn.

Still, she insisted that she was the victim of hate crimes, and her future with Teen Mom is uncertain.

It's a lot to happen in just one week, right?

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But Farrah's schedule was even busier than that, because her mother, Debra Danielsen, also got married on Sunday!

Deb got hitched to creepy old Dr. David at a ceremony in an Omaha aquarium, and Farrah was named the Honorary Maid of Honor.

It was all very dramatic, because as we saw on the last season of Teen Mom OG, Farrah and David really do not get along at all, and her relationship with Deb hasn't been all that great either.

For the longest time, Farrah has said that she wouldn't attend the wedding, and up until the last minute, it looked like she was staying true to her word.

But then, right before the ceremony began, Farrah snuck in to stand next to Deb on her special day -- wearing a black suit, no less.


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So what caused the change of heart?

As Farrah explained in an interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, "I think I decided to come when I stopped working with the production company who was sabotaging this whole wedding."

"I'm here on my own terms and I'm happy that they're not here filming and it's not about them. I'm here being the nice person that I am and that's all that matters."

It sounds like her stance now is that MTV somehow sabotaged her relationship with her mother?

It doesn't make a lot of sense, since Farrah and Deb have had issues for years and years and years -- even going back to the 16 and Pregnant days.

But she's really doing her best to pin everything on the network, since she had a similar explanation in a statement she made to In Touch.

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In that statement, she said that "I don't think I changed my mind about coming" to the wedding, instead "I just think this is how it should have been done."

"I don't need to be pressured by a production company to do things their way or be told how Farrah is. I know that I'm a great daughter."

"I'm a great person," she continued. "I'm loving, I'm caring, and I'm awesome. I was just tired of being portrayed a certain way on Teen Mom and how I was filmed, and that's why I'm not working with the production I was filming Teen Mom with anymore."

She clarified that she's still "working with Viacom," that "I didn't breach my contract and hate crimes and things against me that the other Teen Moms don't have to deal with, which it's obvious is a hate crime."

"I am over that time in my life and I only look forward to working with a professional company to portray real reality TV and watch my real story, instead of trying to sabotage my mom's wedding and our relationship."

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"I didn't allow that," she concluded, "and I'm happy I came here tonight."

Debra seemed happy too -- she told The Ashley that "It was the best thing," having Farrah attend the wedding.

"It was a gift from God," she said. "It meant everything to me. I love my children. We are making progress and we're happy."

OK, so now it sounds like Farrah is still doing Teen Mom, she just got a different crew and established some new rules for how she's portrayed on the show? Maybe?

Either that or she's doing a different reality show altogether, but either way, we're going to keep seeing this girl live her crazy life on television.

... Yay?

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