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Back in August, Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s pregnant with her first child.

Though it’s certainly not uncommon for Duggar women to get pregnant very young and very soon after tying the knot, fans reacted to the news with a mix of shock and confusion.

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo

For one thing, Joy-Anna was just 19 when she revealed her baby bump for the first time.

On top of that, she announced she was three months along after just three months of marriage.

The official Duggar narrative holds that Joy-Anna got pregnant on one of the first nights of her honeymoon.

However, many who follow the family closely (some might say obsessively) believe that version of events is just a bit too convenient.

They suspect Joy-Anna’s was a shotgun wedding, and that the family moved up her wedding date in hopes of concealing the fact that she’d gotten pregnant out of wedlock.

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Image

A new leaked photo of Joy-Anna (above), taken during her 20th birthday party last week, has fanned the flames of speculation.

For one thing, it’s somewhat suspicious that Joy-Anna hasn’t been sharing any photos herself.

(In fact, she hasn’t posted any pregnancy photos in over a month).

On top of that, many who have viewed the photo believe Joy-Anna is considerably further along than the five months she claims, including gynecologist and podcast host Dr. Sean Henry.

"She looks around 24 weeks pregnant," Dr. Henry tells Radar Online.

Henry’s timeline would have Joy getting pregnant about one month earlier than she claims, which would also, of course, mean that she got pregnant roughly one month before her wedding.

Joy and Austin Photo

Interestingly, Joy-Anna and Austin rescheduled their nuptials, moving the date from October up to May.

Joy and Austin claim they just couldn’t wait to say "I do."

However, many fans are convinced that the move was a response to the revelation that Joy and Austin had broken the "rules of courtship," resulting in a premarital pregnancy.

Whatever the case, you can be certain that the Duggars would never confess to an out-of-wedlock conception–but you can be just as sure that fans will never stop digging for the truth.

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