Kailyn Lowry: Forget Chris Lopez, Our Baby Has MY Last Name!

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If you've been keeping up with Kailyn Lowry and all of her baby drama, you know that the naming of precious little Baby Lo has been a little bit of an ordeal.

Like, it took her nearly two entire months to name the kid.

Kailyn and Baby Lo

But then, in a trendy Instagram post, she revealed that she'd finally completed the task, and the world was introduced to Lux Russell.

Lux is ... well, it's an interesting name, we'll say that.

And according to some quotes from an interview Kailyn just did with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the reasoning behind the name is just as interesting.

As she explains, "It took me so long to name the baby because I was trying to work with Chris to agree on the name. But we just couldn't agree."

"Until we ended things for good and I decided I would just pick something I loved and he agreed to the first name prior to me deciding it would be the name for sure."

So they had a hard time settling on a name they both liked, but they both thought Lux was OK, so now that they're completely done with each other, she just went with it.

Kailyn Lowry Smiles

"I finally decided on a name because it felt like I was going nowhere with Chris trying to decide," she says.

Fair enough.

But when they were still trying to reach a decision together, they liked the name Lux because it's "different but not completely off-the-wall."

They were also strongly considering naming the baby Christian.

As for Lux's middle name, Russell, Kailyn chose it because of Russell Vitale, a hip hop artist she likes who goes by the stage name of Russ.

It may seem like an odd choice, but Russell is a classic name on its own, and besides, her other two kids were similarly named.

Baby Lo

Isaac, bless his heart, was named after Isaac Hanson of the beloved boy band Hanson, and Lincoln's middle name is Marshall, after Marshall Mathers.

Lastly, Kailyn reveals the answer to another question we've been wondering for a while now: whose last name does the baby have?!

She says that her third son's full name is Lux Russell Lowry -- she gave him her last name, and she simply says that she "doesn't know" how Chris feels about it.

Which is a little concerning, because it sounds like she and Chris have really had no contact for a while now, if he doesn't know something so basic about his own son.

But all in all, it's a solid enough name for a truly precious little baby.

Congrats again, Kailyn!

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