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Amy Roloff really cannot catch a break these days.

The Little People, Big World star ought to be floating on Cloud Nine these days, considering she’s become a grandmother twice over in just the past few months.

Amy and Ember

Back in mid-May, son Zach and daughter-in-law Tori welcomed a little boy named Jackson Kyle… while just under a month ago son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Audrey welcomed a little girl named Ember Jean.

A boy and a girl!

How perfect, right?

However, Amy has not been able to fully enjoy this blessed time in her family’s life – because the Internet keeps giving her a REALLY hard time.

First, Roloff received flak for daring to take a road trip with her boyfriend around the time Audrey was due; as if all impending grandparents just sit by the phone every second of every day any time a due date nears.

Second, Roloff once again came under fire for not immediately sharing photos of the precious new baby in her life.

It didn’t help, in the days after Ember was born, that Amy did share a few sponsored photos of products for which she shills.

It got to the point where Amy had to basically assure fans that she does, indeed, love both grandkids equally and was just waiting for permission from Audrey and Jeremy to post Ember pictures.

Well… she apparently now has it because look at the adorable images above and below!

Ember with a Bow

"Fall- always reminds me how so much I’m thankful for," Amy wrote as a Facebook caption to the pictures featured here, adding:

"These two – Jackson and Ember top the list. There is so much good in life- we need to take hold and keep hope alive and Love in our hearts.

"These two remind me God never leaves us, never lets us go and always love. #amyssecondact #mygrandkids #godisgoodalways #rolofffarms."

How sweet, right?

No way anyone can find fault with Amy for these snapshots and that sentiment, right?

Please. This is the Internet.

Referring to the first picture shared above, a critic managed to take Amy to task over the weekend for making these pictures all about her, as opposed to the child in her arms.

“I’d rather see the face of the baby,” someone named Betty Moceika wrote, elaborating as trolls do:

“So many adults hog the pictures. We want to see the CUTE baby. We got full view of Amy, with profile of baby. Hmmm.”

Jackson Finds a Pumpkin

Man, people really can suck sometimes, huh?

Especially on the World Wide Web.

Amy has given us no reason over the years to think she isn’t a wonderful mother and, now, grandmother.

We’re excited to see more of her adventures with young Jackson and Ember when a new season of Little People, Big World airs later this year.

We’ll be tuning in to see for sure, cheering Amy and company on.

Don’t sweat the haters, Amy. They are far outnumbered by your supporters, we promise.