Kailyn Lowry Finally Reveals (VERY Unusual) Baby Name!

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It's been nearly two months since frequently embattled Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third son.

Kailyn has revealed photos of "Baby Lo" and opened up to fans about the challenges that come with being a single mother of three.

Yet she refused to reveal the boy's name. Until now.

Check out the gallery below for the the rundown on how we got here, and - yes - for the reveal of Baby Lo's name at long last.

We have to say, it's likely the most unusual baby name in the entire Teen Mom franchise, and fans have reacted accordingly.

1. Welcoming Baby Lo

Welcoming Baby Lo
Kailyn welcomed her third son on August 5. She recently told fans the boy was born "at 3 am on the dot."

2. The Lo-Down

The Lo-Down
Kailyn was initially hesitant to reveal details about her third pregnancy. It was months before she so much as revealed the name of the baby's father.

3. The Father: Chris Lopez

The Father: Chris Lopez
Kailyn got pregnant by Chris Lopez, a classmate at Delaware Sate University. They broke up shortly after he learned Kail was expecting.

4. Are They Twins Or ...

Are They Twins Or ...
Fortunately, despite initial rumors that Lopez had no interest in being a dad, he's reportedly been a loving father and supportive co-parent.

5. Her Support System

Her Support System
But Chris wasn't in the picture for much of the pregnancy, and Kailyn received support mainly from her close network of friends (including rumored girlfriend Becky Hayter). She's said that they were the ones who helped her narrow down the list of potential names.

6. It Was Quite a Process ...

It Was Quite a Process ...
Kail says, "It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official." And now the moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived...

7. Please Welcome ... Lux Russell!

Please Welcome ... Lux Russell!
As promised, Kailyn made the reveal on Instagram with a photo of little Lux Russell and a personalized blanket.

8. But What's His Last Name?

But What's His Last Name?
Kailyn did not reveal if the child's last name is Lowry or Lopez. But either way, the Baby Lo nickname still fits.

9. The Response From Fans Has Been ... Mixed

The Response From Fans Has Been ... Mixed
It's 2017, which means everyone and their brother has an opinion on little Lux's name.

10. Lux Sparks a Boycott!

Lux Sparks a Boycott!
At least one fan (jokingly, we hope) has threatened to boycott Teen Mom 2. Little Lux is already stirring controversy at two months old! What a legend!

11. Not Everyone Loves the Lux Life

Not Everyone Loves the Lux Life
Hey, we're sure Kailyn expected a mixed response when she chose such an interesting name, and with how long she's been in the spotlight, we doubt she's bothered by the detractors.

12. Much Love For Lux!

Much Love For Lux!
Fortunately, for every negative review, there's been at least two good ones. Several fans have pointed out that Lux has the name of a future celebrity.

13. Lux and His Big Bros

Lux and His Big Bros
But for now, all that matters is Lux is deeply loved, not only by his mother and father, but by his two older brothers, as well. Welcome to the world, Lux!

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