Chris Lopez: Slammed By Kailyn Lowry Fans For Tweeting About Missing Lux!

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Unfortunately, when you accumulate enough baby daddies, your odds of encountering dead beats and worse go up and up. Unfortunately, the odds aren't that low to begin with.

And Kailyn Lowry knows that all too well.

Well Chris Lopez has the audacity to blame Kailyn for his separation from their baby, Lux. And he's using social media to play the victim.

Chris Lopez Burns Kailyn's Book

The Teen Mom franchise is full of deadbeat dads.

After all, the girls didn't get to star on 16 and Pregnant through parthenogenesis. They had help. Thus, baby daddies.

And, though this may shock you, the kinds of guys who get girls pregnant in high school aren't always the most reliable, dependable sorts. Who knew?

Briana DeJesus in particular comes to mind when it comes to Teen Mom 2 stars and deadbeats, but Briana doesn't have a monopoly on them. 

While Kailyn Lowry's most famous ex, Javi Marroquin, shows up in her life (and in Briana DeJesus -- Javi is a guy who knows how to cling to fame even when he's an ex), Chris Lopez does not.

He reportedly refused and continues to refuse to sign any paperwork assuming legal fatherhood over his child, baby Lux.

(Yes, Kailyn Lowry took ages to finally name him, but Lux is a pretty good if unusual name, we think)

Weird that he's publicly complaining about not seeing a baby he won't even claim as his, but we guess that he's trying to have his cake (time with his baby) and eat it, too (zero responsibilities, financial or otherwise).

Which is pretty gross.

Kailyn Lowry in a Jean Jacket

Despite his deadbeat status, we might almost feel sorry for Chris Lopez.


But we've heard the scary reason that Kailyn keeps Chris Lopez away, and it's so much more than a paperwork issue.

Reportedly, though Kailyn's managed to keep it off of Teen Mom 2 for reasons that we can guess but cannot understand, Chris Lopez has been violent.

Violent with Kailyn's home while trying to break in to see Lux, leaving damage to both her door and window.

Which is terrifying.

But also violent with Kailyn herself, apparently having hit her while she was holding Lux.

That's not just scary -- that's monstrous.

It sounds like Lux needs to be kept approximately 9 million feet from Chris Lopez at all times.\

So Kailyn's doing the right thing.

Chris Lopez Photo

Chris Lopez doesn't see it that way.

If you buy his narrative, he's the victim here, and Kailyn Lowry is keeping him from seeing baby Lux for, we suppose, no good reason.

In a recent tweet to fans, Chris Lopez wrote:

"Miss my youngin."

While, in light of what's been reported about his violent behavior, we're not eager for him to be around Lux or Kailyn ever again, it's perplexing that he'd say things like this but not file some simple paternity paperwork.

It's enough to make us wonder if he's just using this situation to try to milk his followers for attention and sympathy. Ugh.

His followers weren't falling for it -- not all of them, at least.

His tweet got replies, some calling him "pathetic."

Others said: "He doesn’t miss [you]. She said you’re a deadbeat."

Of course, it's been reported that Chris Lopez's mother wants him to file for full custody of Lux, as she is said to disapprove of Kailyn and, like too many mothers, probably refuses to see the bad in her own son.

Kailyn Lowry on the Couch

Even if you choose to not believe the reports about Chris Lopez's alleged violence towards Kailyn and her home, remember that there have been other alarming things about her latest baby daddy.

Chris Lopez burned Kailyn's book in a public diss.

Because nothing says "I should be allowed to supervise a baby" like burning a book in a populated apartment building, right?

Since Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin are still in their kids lives, Chris Lopez's current problems seem to be caused by Chris Lopez -- not by Kailyn.

But some guys will always see themselves as the victims, because that's the way that they want to see the world.

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