Briana DeJesus: My Baby Dady is Such a F--king Deadbeat!!!

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Briana DeJesus ... well, she makes some questionable choices, we'll just say that.

Of course, she is on Teen Mom, so making questionable choices is essentially a requirement for every cast member.

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But still, some of the things she does are just painfully dumb.

Take, for instance, the situation surrounding her pregnancy with her second child, little baby Stella.

On this current season of Teen Mom 2, we see Briana get knocked up by some guy named Luis -- who, by the way, isn't only "some guy" to us, but to her as well.

Considering she only knew him for about two seconds before he impregnated her and all.

Now, this girl was on 16 and Pregnant, she knows what can happen when you have unprotected sex, but still, even though she already has a five-year-old daughter she struggles to care for, she got pregnant again.

And, as we've been seeing, this isn't the happiest pregnancy that ever was.

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She's been strongly considering placing the new baby for adoption, in part because Luis won't prove that he's ready to be a father.

That's another questionable choice, too, because you know that little girl can look back at these episodes and get emotionally scarred one day, but that's a topic for another time.

To break it down, Luis is already a deadbeat dad, and Briana isn't having it.

We see more of that dynamic in this new sneak peek for tonight's episode!

In the clip, Briana is leaving a doctor's appointment, and she calls up a friend so she can rant about it.

She tells the friend that Luis came to her appointment, and that he told her that he's looking for a place to live "on the east side," which is apparently very bad.

Luis Miguel

Mostly because the east side of her city is pretty far away from her home.

"That's not gonna work for me!" she complains. "Like, he said it from the beginning, 'I'm gonna move closer to you.'"

"OK, then at least in my head I'm thinking 'All right, if we're gonna co-parent at least he's gonna be close to help me out,' but if you're f-cking 30 minutes away ..."

Her friend said that she bets he's going to he's going to use the distance as a way to get out of being there for Briana and their baby.

Which, as Briana points out, is the same thing that happened with the father of her first child, Devoin.

Finally, she says that she needs to sit Luis down and tell him that he needs to get "your own f-cking car seat, you need to get your own f-cking carriage, you need to get your own f-cking crib, you need to get your own f-cking everything."

Sounds like the start of a beautiful co-parenting relationship!

Watch Briana go off in the video below:

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