Taylor Swift: Stealing North West's Voice to Torment Kim and Kanye?!

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We're still losing our minds over Taylor Swift's apparent nudity in the "Are You Ready For It?" music video teaser -- with the music video itself coming out later this week. Honestly, nudity aside, it looks like a captivating scifi epic and we're here for it.

But Taylor's third single from her album, "Gorgeous," was released last week. And fans have a wild theory about it.

Is there any chance that Taylor Swift is using North West in her feud with North's parents, Kim and Kanye?

Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do

You might expect "Gorgeous" to get overshadowed by "Are You Ready For It?"

Both are super enjoyable songs, don't get us wrong -- but since "Are You Ready For It?" is getting an epic-looking music video released this week, it's probably going to soar to new heights of popularity that it hasn't seen since the single was first released.

Both songs are more innocuous Taylor Swift songs -- relatively speaking.

She's singing about love and attraction.

("Gorgeous" actually reminds us of Britney's "Amnesia," which was we believe a Japanese bonus track but that's never stopped us; both are about being so wildly attracted to someone that you can't focus or speak or act normally around them)

In contrast, "Look What You Made Me Do" was a revenge anthem.

We don't yet know if "Are You Ready For It" will crush all of the records like "Look What You Made Me Do" did, but it just might.

In contrast, "Gorgeous" seems like a gentle song about love and romance and is probably about Joe Alwyn, right?

Totally innocuous ... it even has a small child's voice saying "You're gorgeous" at the beginning.

Except that this is what fans think makes "Gorgeous" part of Taylor's feud with Kimye.

Taylor Swift in the Studio

Whose child is speaking at the beginning of Taylor's song?

Fan theories are all over the place, but one caught our attention:

North West.

That's right -- what if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's child's own voice ended up in one of Taylor Swift's songs?

Before you think that Taylor Swift isn't a sea witch and can't steal a child's voice, remember that she was on friendly terms with Kanye for a while.

It's entirely possible that, at some point, she got a recording of North West and ended up deciding to use it in this song.\

Why? Maybe as a power move against North West's parents.

After all, it would be intensely hypocritical of them to get angry over the use of a recording, right?

Kim Kardashian orchestrated Taylor's erstwhile downfall using a super shady, edited recording of a conversation that Taylor had with Kanye.

Is Taylor setting up Kimye to either be forced to stay silent (but furious) or to come across like whiny hypocrites in the public eye?

This theory started on Reddit, but it's spread from there. And, sooner or later, there may be an answer.

Taylor Swift Video Photograph

Taylor's long semi-hiatus from social media is over, and she's back to publicly commenting on various sites and apps -- including Tumblr.

One Tumblr user, one of only 300 fans who got to hear the song in an exclusive screening, wrote: "The baby voice; just find out who it is!" in response to a post about "Gorgeous."

Meaning that, if he is to be believed, the identity of this apparent small child is significant.

But ... we just don't know.

We don't imagine that Taylor Swift had a secret child (yet, if she somehow had a secret child while out of the limelight, we're saying that we called it).

So ... it could just be a friend's kid, right?

But if the little kid's identity is such a big deal, it's hard to imagine that the answer will be "oh, yeah, I just borrowed my friend's kid."

Taylor Swift and Her Phone

There are other, more mundane theories.

Some think that it might be Taylor's godson, Leo Thames. Others think that it might be Blue Ivy.

(Blue Ivy's parents haven't been getting along with Kimye, but we don't really see them dragging Blue Ivy into the mix)

The most boring theory might be that it's a recording of Taylor from her own childhood, like off of some old camcorder VHS thing or something.

Whatever the answer, we have to accept that maybe not every song on Reputation is going to be about her feud.

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