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Last month, reports of Jana Duggar being courted by multiple suitors began to circulate on social media.

One of the men, Jacob Wilson, was quick to rebuke the report, but interestingly, the other rumored love interest has yet to expressly deny that he and Jana are courting.

Caleb Williams Pic

That man is named Caleb Williams, and Duggar fans have become intensely interested in his life and social media profiles in recent weeks.

Some Duggar obsessives have surmised that Caleb is a "rebel," who will no doubt have a difficult time convincing Jana’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, that he’s son-in-law material.

Of course, that characterization seems to be based primarily on a handful of comments made by a friend of Caleb’s, who stated that he believes the Arkansas-based small business owner is more "liberal" than the Duggars.

(As fans of the family know, falling to the left of the Duggars on the political spectrum is not exactly a difficult task. Steve Bannon is basically an unkempt hippie compared to Jim Bob.)

But based on his most recent social media posts, we think it’s safe to say Caleb has had no trouble ingratiating himself with Jana’s ultra-conservative family:

Caleb Williams With Jim Bob Duggar

That’s Williams with Jim Bob Duggar at a recent Arkansas Razorbacks football game.

"Thanks for the invite y’all! #gametime #wrongcolors #wps #beatauburn," Williams captioned the pic.

(Sadly, he failed to give a shoutout to the dude photobombing in the back.)

Yes, the caption seems to indicate that Jim Bob was the one to invite Caleb to the game, which many have taken as a sign that the two enjoy some sort of special connection these days.

After all, with 19 kids and an endless list of well-wishers, it’s not like Jim Bob has trouble finding someone to attend a football game with him.

But as much as Duggar fans have scrutinized the photo above, it’s a post on Caleb’s page has garnered even more attention:

Caleb Williams With Mason Duggar

That’s Caleb holding Josh Duggar’s infant son, Mason.

"First time holding sweet baby Mason! Thanks for letting me hold him @joshduggar @annaduggar @duggarfam #BabyMason," Caleb captioned the image.

Yes, Caleb tagged Josh Duggar (who apparently has an Instagram page), and he’s been spending time with the black sheep branch of the Duggar clan.

Josh mostly lives the reclusive Boo Radley life these days, so the fact that Caleb has been spending time with him is an indication that he’s truly been granted access to the family’s inner sanctum.

Perhaps there’s something to these courtship rumors, after all.

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