Kailyn Lowry: Scary Reason She Keeps Lux Away From Chris Lopez Revealed

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You know, to Kailyn Lowry, the situation with Briana DeJesus and her deadbeat baby daddies must be looking pretty good right about now.

Because Kailyn's situation with Chris Lopez doesn't just sound worse - it sounds borderline worrisome if not full-on frightening.

Are you ready to learn the real reason that Kailyn Lowry is keeping Lux away from Chris? Because it's so much more than unsigned paperwork.

You know how Lopez has reportedly refused to sign a legal document to acknowledge paternity of Lux, Kailyn's baby whom she finally named?

We've been hearing that the Teen Mom 2 star has banned Chris from seeing Lux until he officially accepts, in writing, that he is Lux's father.

Accepting, on paper, all of the potential responsibilities, financial and otherwise, that go along with paternity, would be a nice first step.

Banning a baby daddy for that reason is absolutely valid, don't get us wrong ... but apparently this runs deeper than that.

Now we're hearing about a new reason that makes a whole lot more sense, but hasn't been filmed at all for Teen Mom 2.

Kail Pic

And, unfortunately, it looks like this real underlying reason is much more serious than an unsigned legal document.

The Ashley Reality Roundup reached out to Kail to learn more, and Kailyn explained the tension with Chris. Sort of.

"I don’t want to keep Lux from Chris. That’s not the goal."

Right. That's seemed like more of a means to an end than an end goal. So what is the goal? Lowry hints:

"The goal is to take some time right now to figure out what works for us."

That's interesting, since she's not talking about signing paternity papers and talking more about what sort of arrangement will work.

That sounds like it has way more to do with the two of them.

"I’ve obviously been through this before and I do want Lux to eventually have a relationship with his dad. Right now the circumstances aren’t right for that, though."

Chris Lopez Burns Kailyn's Book

That's vague but not necessarily ominous in and of itself. Kailyn clearly chose her words carefully.

But we are sorry to say that what Kailyn is so diplomatically avoiding saying is ... worrisome at best.

As it turns out, Chris Lopez publicly bashing Kailyn Lowry and burning her book on Instagram is just the tip of the iceberg.

A production source told The Ashley what's been going on behind the scenes.

"She’s trying her best to keep the real reason off the show."

"So far, the drama with Chris hasn’t really been covered for the show, but that’s only because it is hard to do when Chris won’t sign on to appear or have his name on Teen Mom 2."

Are you ready to hear the awful stuff?

Kailyn and Baby Lo

"Chris was violent with Kail multiple times, once while she was holding the baby."

That is monstrous. Even without the involvement of Lux, that is just ... evil.

If it's true that Chris Lopez has been violent with Kailyn, she's absolutely right to keep herself -- and her child -- as far away from him as she can get.

According to that same source, Chris has also tried to break into her home, causing damage in the process to a window and to a doorframe.

And that's not all.

"Some of the film crew noticed a hole was punched in Kail’s garage door, and she confided in someone on the crew that Chris did it."

"Nothing was filmed about it, though."

This is something that fans need to know.

Kailyn and Baby Lux

"Kail is really trying to keep this off the show because of how bad she got ripped by fans last time when she was dealing with Javi."

Horrible how a celebrity mom could get scared into silence about something that is deadly serious because of vicious fans.

First of all, it sounds like Kailyn needs to not only film this - as evidence, if nothing else -- but get some sort of protective order.

Apparently Kailyn has "discussed" the idea of it, but hasn't actually filed.

Too many women wait until it's too late to get paperwork like that, either because they have a misguided desire to not get the man in trouble or because of a fatalistic fear that it won't work.

A protective order isn't a magical forcefield, but it's a step in the right direction.

Our justice system may be terrible at dealing with domestic violence, but violations of a court order might be taken seriously.

These reports are horrifying and we hope that Kailyn and her kids remain safe from harm, now and forever into the future.

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