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Even though the Brown family is living large in a Beverly Hills mansion that’s strikingly at odds with their survivalist image, scenery and comfort can only do so much for family matriarch Ami Brown.

Because the Alaskan Bush People star is fighting an uphill battle against Stage Four lung cancer.

She’s been recovering from chemotherapy, which takes its toll. But it appears that she’s already bracing for another round of treatment.

Ami is in Bed

It feels like Ami Brown only just left the hospital, and we have to imagine that it feels that way to Ami, too.

After all, chemotherapy may be a vital life-saving treatment for those with cancer and other serious and life-threatening illnesses …

… But chemo absolutely ravages the body and leaves patients exhausted, physically and mentally.

Chemotherapy works because it is toxic; it can damage cancer and kill off cancer cells because it is a carefully calibrated poison.

It can save lives and if there’s any chance of it prolonging someone’s life, we’d advise them to take it.

But it’s important for us to all remember and acknowledge how brutal the fight for survival can be.

Ami Brown in Alaska

And it looks like Ami Brown is going once more unto the breach.

The Alaskan Bush People non-fan page, Alaskan Bush People Exposed, has been a great and fairly reliable source of information on the Brown family and what doesn’t make it onto the screen.

In recent weeks, with the series in production limbo — deliberately on hiatus to give Ami Brown a chance to rest and undergo treatments — they’ve provided insight into the family while the cameras aren’t rolling.

And they report that Ami Brown is scheduled to return to the hospital.

"It looks like Ami is going to do a second round of chemo soon."

That is going to be rough. And not just for her.

Ami Brown in Bed

The thing that we need to keep in mind when discussing Ami Brown’s battle with cancer is that she’s not the only one going through this.

No, cancer isn’t contagious, but the whole family is in this fight with her.

While there are pockets of good news, like Noah Brown and Rhain being officially engaged, we think that it’s safe to say that the whole Brown family is on the edge of their collective seats.

Contrary to what the trolls who harass Ami’s youngest daughter think, a loved one’s cancer doesn’t occupy one’s every waking thought. You’re allowed to smile and take selfies.

(Seriously, we don’t understand those beasts who harass a young teenage girl, especially when that girl’s mother is in the state that Ami Brown is)

But it absolutely takes its toll. A loved ones cancer battle puts a strain on the entire family, to the point where Rain Brown revealing her battle with depression is truly no surprise.

(Not that her depression comes from only this, of course — depression is complicated but can easily be exacerbated by a grim situation like this one)

Ami Brown Image

And each member of the Brown family is of course going to deal with this situation in their own way.

Of course they all love and support their mother as she fights this battle, because none of them can fight it for her.

Some are going to stay by her side.

Others are going to live their lives, because that’s what she of course wants for them and because they know that there’s sadly nothing that they can personally do.

The idea that Noah Brown is abandoning his family by not being there? To the best of our knowledge, he doesn’t have magical healing powers that could save his mom.

The best thing for Ami Brown is medical care and support — and comfort in the knowledge that her family will go on, one way or the other.