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As we are all painfully aware, Ami Brown remains in grave condition even though she’s no longer in the hospital.

Her health is reportedly the reason why Alaskan Bush People is on indefinite hiatus. Everybody wants Ami to rest and recover from her chemo treatments.

The Alaskan Bush People

We’ve mentioned that most of the Browns are in California, but now we know where they’re living. And no, it’s not the Colorado homestead that they plan to set up whenever filming resumes.

Their new home could not be more different from the Browntown that they vacated in Alaska. The multimillion dollar price tag alone makes that clear.

The Alaskan wilderness is cold and dark and, so often, damp — from icy cold rain or from even colder snow.

So if you want the exact total opposite of that environment but you can’t quite budget a trip to the coronasphere of the sun any time soon, where do you go?

Why, to Southern California, of course.

That dry, desert hellscape is dry, hot, and lorded over by the glowing hate orb in the sky, known by some as "the sun."

Alaskan Bush People Family

You might think that there are plenty of other desert locations, and you’re right, but not only do the Browns clearly want a break from living in the wilderness — they need to be close to medical care.

For Ami.

Well, until hospitals start offering up penthouse apartments, this is about as close as they can get.

RadarOnline reports that the Brown family’s new home is a $2.7 million Beverly Hills mansion.

It’s only minutes from the UCLA Medical Center, which is where viewers have seen Ami go on Alaskan Bush People.

The home features 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and the master suite comes equipped with a jacuzzi and an in-ground pool.

The 3,382 square foot home was built in the seventies and is located in Beverly Glen, which is part of Beverly Hills.

Alaskan Bush People Pic

(If that sounds like about 5 times what you’d expect to pay for a house of that size, remember that the location sets the price and locations don’t get much more expensive than Beverly Hills)

The house has only recently been remodeled — quite possibly at the behest of the Browns themselves. 

Those 5 bedrooms that we mentioned are among 14 different rooms within the small mansion.

Even if the living conditions of the Brown family weren’t exactly what’s been shown on television, this is a huge step up for their lifestyle.

The kitchen features hardwood floors, which are intensely popular for homeowners in recent years but also really matches the Brown family aesthetic, you know?

And the cabinets match.

The master bathroom has a jacuzzi and a shower, which makes it pretty much everyone’s ideal bathroom, right? 

Alaskan Bush People, the Brown Brothers

Radar Online reports that the Browns had been staying in a rental mansion before they moved into this one. Were they buying it or just waiting for rennovations to finish?

As large as it is, this home doesn’t really have enough rooms to house the entire clan (the Browns, as you may have noticed, have more than four children, so five bedrooms wouldn’t cut it — but most of their children are adults so that shouldn’t be an issue).

But it should give residents and guests more than enough wiggle room as the Brown clan gathers around Ami Brown to support her as she fights a desperate, uphill battle against lung cancer.

Even aside from Ami’s terminal illness, there are other tensions within the Brown family.

Rain Brown, the youngest of the Brown children, has revealed a battle with depression that is unfortunately not uncommon.

It’s good that she’s talking about it, but she’s shared that her depression had been dismissed as "just hormones."

We hope that this change in her environment might do her some good, but depression is complicated.

Maybe Rain Brown’s trolls will back off, at least.

Noah Brown has been conspicuously absent from his family for a while, now. He and his fiancee, Rhain, have been spotted in Colorado, we believe, but they’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling.

Noah actually plans to move back to Alaska and become a sheriff. It will be interesting to learn how that works out for him.

Most of the Brown family appears to be prepared to continue with their series, only in Colorado.

But, for better or for worse, it doesn’t look like that will happen until Ami Brown recovers from her latest round of chemotherapy.