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We have another update on Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown.

Specifically, regarding her cancer diagnosis that was confirmed on Alaskan Bush People.

Honestly, we wish that, for once, we could bring you some good news.

Ami in the Hospital
Photo via Discovery

Alaskan Bush People follows the Brown Family, headed by Billy Brown and Ami Brown.

They have seven children. Seven!

Their youngest, Rain, is a teenager — she turns fifteen this November.

Their oldest, Matt, was born in 1982.

The series began with the lawful destruction of the Brown’s house, which had been erected on land that they did not own.

For the past seven seasons, viewers have followed the Browns as they make habitats for themselves in, well, the Alaskan bush.

In the woods, basically.

Amy Brown
Photo via Discovery

A major storyline on this seventh and final season has been Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis.

Cancer can of course strike at anyone.

But we wouldn’t recommend living in the wilderness, folks.

We know that carcinogens can be scary, but not all cancer comes from pesticides or cheap hotdogs or whatever you fear might cause it.

There are a lot of inborn biological factors, as a lot of cancers happen naturally thanks to some tragic genetic predispositions.

Consider that whatever a person may gain from avoiding car exhaust or what have you, they very likely lose from not having consistent and frequent access to healthcare.

And, of course, regular cancer screenings.

That can’t catch everything, and lung cancer can be tricky, but we think of how hard Ami Brown’s lifestyle has been on her body over these past decades and wonder if her current predicament could have been avoided.

In our last Alaskan Bush People update, we told you that Ami Brown has been confined to a wheelchair.

Ami Brown with Her Son
Photo via Instagram

Naturally, like all reality shows, Alaskan Bush People films well ahead of when episodes air.

On the show, Ami Brown is undergoing treatment for her lung cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer progresses off-camera.

A Facebook group called "Alaskan Bush People Exposed" reports about goings-on with the Brown family that don’t make it on camera.

After the discovery that Ami Brown has been confined to a wheelchair, a flurry of comments expressed concern over how much worse her diagnosis has become.

Remember when we told you that her cancer was at least stage three but might be stage four?

An admin for that Facebook group confirmed it:

"Now it’s stage 4 in both lungs and inoperable."

If what the admin says is accurate, that is dreadful news.

Stage 4 cancer is … well, that’s death’s door.

Photo via Discovery

We don’t pretend to understand why Ami Brown or her husband took up this lifestyle.

There is not and cannot be a moral justification for raising your children outside of society without the benefits of millennia of civilization to aid and guide them.

But let’s be clear — Ami Brown does not deserve to have cancer.

She does not deserve to die.

Our reservations about the Brown family and the way that fans romanticize their lifestyle are one thing.

(Some even had the audacity to urge the Brown children to not close Browntown, which no one has the right to ask of them)

But it is absolutely a tragedy that Ami Brown seems to be at death’s door.

Ami on TV
Photo via Discovery

We’ll continue to watch this heartbreaking medical drama unfold both on and off camera.

At stage 4, though … well, if you’ve ever lost a loved one to cancer, you know how very abruptly things can change.

Reportedly, the entire Brown family moved down to "Lower 48" (as in, the Continental US, not in Alaska and not in Hawaii) after season seven stopped filming.

Part of that was probably that they’d made enough money and endured enough hardship and earned the right to retire from Browntown and all that being a bush person entails.

Part of that, though, had to be the knowledge that things could never be the same after Ami’s diagnosis.

We would love to see Ami Brown pull through and beat the odds, though.