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For ages, it’s been looking like Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People would be the final chapter of the series. It appears, however, that Alaskan Bush People Season 8 will be a reality. Just … maybe not in Alaska.

At the moment, almost the entire Brown family is in Colorado, where they’ll build a new Browntown.

Almost the entire family, that is. Noah Brown is conspicuously absent, and was photographed elsewhere. And some fans of the show are pissed.

Noah Brown and Rhain at the Zoo
Photo via Facebook

There’s Noah Brown with his fiancee, Rhain Alisha.

We’ve mentioned that there’s a Facebook page called Alaskan Bush People Exposed, that sometimes provides updates on the Brown family beyond what we see on Alaskan Bush People or even from the known social media of the Brown family.

They shared this photo of the two, identifying their location as a zoo in San Diego.

(There are multiple zoos in San Diego, so we don’t know if they were at the San Diego Zoo or what)

Now, it looks like they’re just a young engaged couple enjoying a trip to the zoo, but Noah’s absence from the family — especially during Ami’s cancer treatment — has some fans up in arms.

Amy Brown
Photo via Discovery

Comments on the photograph were negative enough that we hope that Noah and Rhain don’t see them.

"I can’t believe he’s not with the family since his mom’s dying of cancer."

"Who cares about your mom, huh? What a douche."

We can only assume that these commenters have never had a close relative battle with potentially terminal cancer.

People have to live their lives. You don’t walk around in all black with your own personal rain cloud while someone you love is receiving treatment.

We can’t imagine that Ami wants Noah to moan and wail and gnash his teeth around her when he and his fiancee could be spending time together.

(Ami has commented before that she wants to see her children have kids, so encouraging some alone time for this couple sounds right up her alley)

Alaskan Bush People Family
Photo via TLC

Noah and Rhain’s outing also received some support from fans, who said things like "Glad they’re having a great time," and "Happy for them."

Plus some more ambivalent comments:

"I like Noah a lot. But something seems off a bit his mother is struggling to live so we are told and he’s at the San Diego zoo. But good for Noah. Glad he is off making a life for himself if this is all true."

The if this is all true line is important, because it’s always possible that someone sent in the photo with incorrect information.

We do our best to analyze information for you, but some things cannot yet be confirmed even though they seem tragically likely — like Ami Brown’s cancer update where her lung cancer appears to be stage 4 and in both lungs.

(That report came from Alaskan Bush People Exposed, but we would love for it to not be true)

There were also comments about whatever that is on Noah’s face (some think it’s a tattoo, others think it could be from face-painting, and everybody seemed to have an opinion).

Fans can connect the dots and guess that Noah may not be interested in appearing of Alaskan Bush People‘s reported eighth season.

That won’t sit well with some of them, either, since some fans railed at the Brown children for closing Browntown. The old Browntown, in Alaska.

But that’s Noah’s choice, you guys. He needs to live his life and pursue his happiness.

And Noah isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem to be down for continuing to live a post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

Gabe Brown and Best Friend
Photo via Instagram

Gabe Brown, seen here in a throwback photo so old that it was taken on an actual camera (not a phone!), if you can imagine such a thing, is reportedly parting ways and not interested in Season 8.

You know what?

Good for him for making a choice.

Honestly, we’d have loved to watch a sequel series to Alaskan Bush People where, instead of repeating the past but in Colorado, they adjust to life in civilization.

We know that they haven’t been completely cut off or anything — they use technology and post stuff to Instagram all fo the time.

But living off the land and so remotely is very different from, say, living in a city and acclimating to that.

Maybe that’s too much for some of them and that’s why they’re carrying on with their homestead lifestyle.

Or maybe they’re just trying to keep Ami and Billy’s dream alive for a little longer.