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Alaskan Bush People and the Brown family get a hard time. People accuse the show of being fake.

Then there are accusations, like fans insisting that Noah Brown abandoned his family or even suggestions that Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis is exaggerated for drama or ratings.

Some of the toughest attacks have been against Rain Brown. And now she’s hitting right back. …

Rain Brown, Manic Monday Selfie
Photo via Instagram

We don’t know what sort of person it takes to troll the Instagram comments of a 14-year-old girl.

Well … normally, yeah, it would be other 14-year-olds. In general, the 11-through-13 age range represents humanity at their worst, at least when it comes to social interaction.

But "Rainy" Brown has grown-ass adults harassing her on social media.

Sometimes they harass her for posting selfies or having the audacity to smile in her own photographs.

Why? Because her mother, Ami Brown, has cancer.

Sometimes, people who have never lost a loved one to the ravages of cancer or seen someone go through that fight seem to not understand that life continues.

They don’t understand that Ami Brown certainly wants her children to continue with their lives.

Rain has also gotten criticism after posting a video of herself singing.

The nasty replies? Suggestions that she get "singing lessons."

Again, this is a 14-year-old girl, singing on her own social media account.

Some people have no shame.

Rain Brown, Flower Crown Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Well, once again, Rain Brown is hitting back at her trolls.

And she’s being decidedly classy about it.

"The best advice I could ever give anyone is that you control how people treat you, if you’re mean people will be mean if you are kind people will be kind, if you allow people to run over you people will run over you if you stand your ground everyone will know they can’t run over you."

We don’t necessarily agree — you control your actions and responses, not anyone else’s.

(And Rain certainly hasn’t been cruel to any of these people)

But there’s something to be said, under many circumstances, for the power of standing up for yourself.

"This really applies to just about everything, you get what you give, just remember that what you put into the world is what you will get out. Stay strong my rainbows, #staystrong #stayhappy #rain-spiration"

This is a sort of pragmatic version of more spiritual concepts of "you get what you put out" (whether someone phrases it as Karma or the Threefold Law, etc).

And can we just add that "#rain-spiration" doesn’t work as a tag, because hashtags don’t recognize hyphens.

No matter how "fake" parts of Alaskan Bush People might be, they did spend a lot of time in the wilderness. Most 14-year-olds wouldn’t even dream of using a hashtag that doesn’t work.

Most of all, her post is "advice" for her own trolls. Maybe it will make a few of them rethink their actions.

Rain Brown Loves Sunshine
Photo via Instagram

Rain Brown is a delightful inspiration.

The youngest of approximately eight thousand children (okay, there are just seven Brown children, but still) and one of only two daughters, Rain has grown up on reality television.

Remember, Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People may be in limbo, but there have been seven seasons of this show.

That’s half of her life.

The fact that she hasn’t either become a social media monster (as per Kylie Jenner) or completely removed herself from social media is, we think, a testament to her character.

She doesn’t deserve this hate.

Like, no 14-year-old does.

But especially not "Rainy" Brown.

Rain Brown, Fun Hair Selfie
Photo via Instagram

But she’s clearly a resilient young woman.

As fans keep Ami Brown’s battle with lung cancer in their thoughts and prayers, we know that Rain is doing the same.

This is an ordeal for everyone in the family, no matter what the outcome ends up being.

No matter what becomes of Alaskan Bush People as a series, we hope that the Brown family can pull through and heal.

Even if many of them are going their separate ways.