Nathan Griffith: Engaged to Amanda Lynn! Sticking it to Jenelle Evans!

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In just one week, Jenelle Evans will marry David Eason.

We're sure Jenelle and David's friends and family are already placing bets on how long it'll be before nasty divorce proceedings begin.

Jenelle Evans with Choker

Seriously. Some lawyers are going to get rich.

For now, though, all is sweetness and light in the Carolina Hurricane's world ... or at least it was, until her ex dropped this piece of news.

Given the number of people Jenelle has pissed off over the years, it was only a matter of time before something came back to bite her.

Or, more specifically, someone came along to eff up her wedding week. Enter Nathan Griffith, the father of Evans' second child.

Today is Nathan's birthday, and to celebrate, his girlfriend, Amanda Lynn, took to Twitter to reveal that he's popped the question!

Needless to say, the timing could be coincidental, but the move is being interpreted by many as an attempt to steal Jenelle's thunder.

Nathan Griffith Is Engaged!

The photo above confirms the joyous occasion (which we also expect to end shortly after, if not before, the wedding vows are exchanged).

We would not put it past him to use this as a means of sticking it to Jenelle, and it's not the only way he's been a thorn in her side lately.

As fans know, the Teen Mom 2 star already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who's under the full-time care of her mom, Barbara.

Now, Griffith is pursuing full custody of Kaiser, his young son with Jenelle, and he's making some damning allegations in order to win it.

Griffith claims that Evans did drugs while she was pregnant, and as if that weren't enough, neglects and abuses her kids in awful ways.

One appalling account has Jenelle locking her two young sons out of the house on a day in which temperatures exceeded 100 degrees.

Jenelle Evans Lawyers Up

Legal experts say it doesn't look good for Jenelle, who will likely only have custody of her youngest daughter, Ensley, when all this is settled.

In seeking custody of Kai, Nathan's family says Jenelle did drugs while pregnant with Ensley, but she's still with the dad, David, in that case.

Obviously, Nathan announcing his engagement to Amanda days before Jenelle's wedding is small potatoes by comparison to this situation.

But still, it's an unmistakable salvo fired by Griffith in a war without a truce - or even a non-aggression pact - on the horizon.

Of course, now, the question on the minds of many observers who watch Teen Mom 2 online or follow her on social media is: 

When, and how, will Jenelle fire back?

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

One would hope that with a wedding and a custody hearing on the way, Evans would play it cool and keep her outrage to herself.

Wishful thinking.

Knowing what we know about the 25-year-old's track record, and behavioral patterns, that seems unlikely even on her best day.

We're sure she's trying her best to keep from unloading on Griffith in an epic tweet storm, but it's only a matter of time before she breaks.

Hopefully, David Eason has the sense to bury her phone in the yard of their new house ... when he's not raging against someone.

Fans like to joke about Jenelle's fiery tantrums and social media rants, but there's not a lot that's funny about the direction this is headed.

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